Memories of Holidays Past

I think my favorite holiday memories had to be from when I was younger and we were living in Baden Söllingen, Germany. I believe it would have been Christmas of 1985 and I would have been 5 years old. It was our 1st Christmas in Germany, and my parents had rented a chalet in Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. A week of learning to ski and going tobogganing and tons of snowy fun.

We did this every year that we were in Germany. Six Christmases in total. For about 2 – 3 weeks over Christmas and New Years. We were there with a few other couples and their children that year. I don’t remember all the names, but my Mom and Dad’s friends, Steve and Louise were there.

I can remember putting up the Christmas tree. The living room was a large high vaulted ceiling room with a loft above on one half of it, over the kitchen, bathroom and smaller bedrooms. In the loft area was 2 larger bedrooms.

We had to climb the ladder to the loft to decorate the top of the tree it was so tall, something like 10 ft, maybe more. We decorated it with popcorn and cranberries, we made our own ornaments to add in with the traditional ornaments we all brought with us. We bought little wooden Christmas ornaments that year. The ones below are four that are exactly like some of the ones we have.



I guess before we left to go, I was a bit upset that not only would it be our first Christmas in Europe but I would not even be at home. I would be away and my letter to Santa had my German address on it, not where we would be in Switzerland. I was terrified that Santa would not find us and would not show up.

While they were putting out the fire on Christmas eve in the fireplace, Steve got the idea to take his boots, wet them in the snow and put the soles in the ash and make a track from the fireplace to the tree on the tiled floor. I woke up in the morning and when I saw it I really thought Santa had found me. I was so happy. It was not till about 20 years later that Steve told me he was the one that did it

We had many more Christmases in Lucerne with a lot of the same people and I had 2 trips there with my school for a week each, learning to ski. I remember the snow, the mountains, the lake and the people fondly. I miss Germany more and more every year. But I will always remember the memories we had there.

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