I’ve been really sentimental lately and thinking of the places I’ve lived, and the people I’ve known in my life who are no longer here. With the passing of my Uncle Mark on October 23rd, I have been thinking a lot of him and my Nan and Gramp.

I was over at HeartBox ME! Posting a ghost story about my Grampy which took place in their old house that my Mom and my Aunts and Uncles grew up in. It was passed down to my Uncle Mark. He sold it a while back but now I keep thinking of the house and wishing I could afford to by it and maybe rent it out or let my parents live there if they wanted to (not that I would ever have the money to do that).

Guess what? I found it online and it’s for sale (come to think of it I do remember my Mom mentioning it was for sale when my Uncle died. But I found it and it’s for sale again. They are asking for too much if you ask me. But they did do a beautiful job on the inside of it. They unearthed the original floors and exposed beams and redid them. It looks really pretty inside.

This is the dining room (this actually used to be the living room, they switched the living and dining room around):

dining room

The “haunted” staircase (read my HeartBox Me! post on Ghost stories):


The doors used to be pained the same color as the banister and Newell Post and there was a large red glass light above the doors in the ceiling that used to hand down bathing the stairs and hall in red. It was kinda eerie but my Nan loved that light. The walls were wallpapered (not white) and the floor carpeted.

And below is my old bedroom I had in high school :

old bedroom

I had it painted an deep hunter green and had a double white rough iron bed with deep purple comforter where that couch is and a dresser on the wall little table and chairs is. The floors are solid pine. This was my aunts room before it was mine and my moms before her.

The house is over 120 years old. It was built by my great-great-something Grandfather for his wife when they moved to Nova Scotia.

Makes me miss everyone so much  :love:

6 thoughts on “Memories

    1. I love old houses. I’ve always wanted to buy a big old house with tons of rooms, in need of repair and to fix it up, clean it up and have a B&B and maybe a little gift shop.

  1. Those floors really are gorgeous! It’s a very nice house. I wish I could buy the home I lived in when I was little as well, even though it’s pretty far away from where I am now. I’d love to just be able to see inside to get a peek at all the changes like you have with this home! So neat

    1. I know! I remember my dad and I redoing the floors in two of the rooms before moving out. They were originally carpeted when we started. We found layers and layers of linoleum underneath the carpeting. In between the layers of linoleum was layers of newspaper. The oldest was from 1906. Some of the stuff us and the people who bought the house after we moved out, found in the attic is pretty cool. Found bronzed baby shoes and the paper with them says they were my great-great-great uncles (died in infancy), tintypes of relatives, etc.

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