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I’ve pretty much been sick all day again today. I talked to one of my coaches at work, didn’t even recognize her at first even though she is one of my favorite people in the world. She wanted to update the project manager on how long to expect me to be out. Since I am not really sure I pretty much said that. But we figured it will take a month or so to get into the ENT so like a month or two.

That’s kinda concerning money wise. EI pays you next to nothing (like 55% or something). So now I need to add that stress onto everything else. Cory gets paid good but it is not fair for him to take on what I can not pay for. And besides even if he tried it would still not be enough. Not sure what we’re gonna do there. I have tried to figure out what we could do without and we can’t really cut back much more. It’s kinda frustrating. I’ve never been very good at finances.

I was thinking about getting rid of TV but I need to chat more with Cory about it. I hate bringing stuff like that up though. Part of me figures I can just wait it out and try and get back to work ASAP but I have to face the fact that before I went on the leave of absence things were so slow they were offering voluntary leave early or VLE everyday and were letting lots of people leave early. From what I’m told it’s no better now. In the past I have always lucked out and been able to work on other projects but I doubt that would happen just after coming back from a leave of absence.

I am torn between wanting to go back to work, but being scared to. When you literally have seconds to get to the washroom before you puke all over the place and constantly feel like your about to fall over it’s really hard to work. Especially when you are on a phone call and can not hang up. I am sure if worse came to worse I could place the caller on hold and run to the washroom. I’m sure they would rather that then cleaning vomit off of the floor lol…

Anyways, I’ve created another WordPress theme already. I have not coded it yet, it’s just a concept I may start coding it tomorrow. But I think I am getting progressively better with them. I wanted something spring like to leave up for a month or two at this rate I am changing them every 2-3 days lol… the sites only been up a few weeks.

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