Motivation, or lack thereof.

How do you get motivation to do things? I really seem to have a hell of a time with it. For instance today is really sunny and I just felt like being outside so I went for a bit of a walk. That walk turned into a 12km, 3 hour walk. It felt so good. My motivation. I just wanted to be outside. However I don’t always feel that way.

I am not sure how to motivate myself to do that every day. Maybe not a 3 hour walk everyday but a 1 hour walk everyday and maybe a 3 hour walk once a week. Even though I feel really motivated today to do it everyday. Tomorrow might be different. I have such a hard time with motivation and consistency sometimes.

I am proud of myself today though. I really wanted to be out enjoying the fresh air, slight breeze and sunshine so I just kept walking till I couldn’t walk anymore. I then had another 30 min or so before I got home. I should sleep well tonight.

We also got a wii and a wii fit. I know that it won’t really make me loose weight but I am hoping it will help me a bit with my motivation to exercise and loose some weight. I’ve never really been one to like to exercise but i do like games and I do like to walk and listen to music.

Maybe just between the two and some yoga at home and cutting out some junk food I might be able to loose some weight. If not maybe the increased activity level will help me with the motivation and energy to do something more… like jogging, running, weights etc. So I pretty much have a gym at home thanks to Cory I guess I should make use of it.

I guess I need motivation to post as well sometimes…

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