Moving day

Yesterday was moving day. What a long day! I don’t know if it was anticipation or the fact I forgot to take my prescription however I did not sleep at all on Friday night.  I finally gave in around 6:30 yesterday morning, got up and got showered and headed to Halifax.

I picked up Erin and we met my parents at the apartment, we did not finish packing and moving everything till 11 last night. I am beat. I didn’t sleep well last night either. I should have but I didn’t. Hopefully everything will get back to normal. I have my own bed back now.

Today I went in to Walmart and spent about $120 on sheets, pillows, a few t-shirts and some food.  I am going to give my Aunt $150 every two weeks, since I did not pay rent before this will give me time to get used to paying about $300 a month so that we I move into an apartment here shortly then I will not have to worry. I will just be changing who I am paying.

I am trying to do as much as I can for Aunt Ferne so that I don’t feel like so much of a burden. Tonight I helped her make Chili for supper. I have never really tried it because I hate beans but I am going to give it a try. I am not much of a cook but maybe I will pick up a few things. I have 2-3 months to learn.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day yesterday. I got burned a bit from the time outside. But today has been pissing down rain and humid and warm. The rain brought a cool breeze at least. I am hoping it will stop so I can go for a bit of a walk after supper.

I am itching to listen to music on my iPhone and just walk the neighbourhood but so far it has not happened. I am trying to plan a walk that is about 5 k to start with. Once a day, then 2 times a day then I will maybe start jogging it or something. Except it will not stop raining!

2 thoughts on “Moving day

  1. Moving is such hard work. I haven’t done it for a long time, the last few times we moved, we had people helping us and I went to do unpacking and organising instead because I’m so useless with carrying heavy stuff.
    I’m so jealous when you say you got burned. You know, here it’s been the same weather since mid April. Either 9 degrees and rain, or 12-15 degrees, sunshine and storm winds.

    1. It is really hard and such a pain. We managed to do it all in one day but still it takes forever. I always do it myself. My dad taught me how to pack stuff pretty good. I love the unpacking and organizing part myself better then the packing up stuff.

      We are back to rain the last 3 days. I did get out today and go for a walk so I am proud of myself for that but it’s been less then 10 degrees the last 3 days and rain. Had a few small sunny periods but supposed to go back to 18 degrees this weekend.

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