My cat, the elastic thief

I thought this was too cute not to share. My cat the elastic thief. I am careful about keeping elastics hidden because he will steal anything not nailed down. However I failed to take into consideration his determination and apparently how smart he is too!

Since not much has gone on in the last 10 days I have not bothered to post, figured it was about time. We are getting a snow storm (go figure) again this weekend with up to 50 more cm’s of snow. However the last few days have been really warm (well above 0°C anyways) and some of the snow is melting, still lots there and more to come but we had a few days of spring like weather, more to tease us then anything I am sure.

I have been doing good at work and have had a whole month without a cold or getting sick somehow and work is starting to slow down some and the work is starting to make more sense to me. I had a few weeks of feeling so lost and not understanding what I was doing that I just wanted to quit but believe it or not a 30 minute chat with a colleague helped immensely and I am understanding more and catching on more.

So overall I am looking really forward to summer because of the weather and because work will slow down and I will have time to think and time to really let everything I have learnt sink in.

This weekend when I have more time I will reply to the comments on my last post and this one if there is any and visit some people sites and comment.

4 thoughts on “My cat, the elastic thief

  1. Are you sick of the snow yet? I know I sure am done with it, especially since it’s finally starting to melt! Your kitty video is adorable. I love how he opens the drawer so perfectly!

    1. After today, yes. We are in the middle of yet another blizzard. Can’t get out of our building at all right now. Snow drifts are on average about 6 ft high, not counting the piled up snow from the storm on the weekend or the one from like a week ago. Literally buried at the moment!

      Max is pretty funny. When my boyfriend made the video I had to post it, it was just too funny.

  2. LOL! Cats are so smart!!!
    I’m so glad that you’ve been better lately and that work has been better.
    I wonder if you received any e-mails from me? I sent to the address you use to comment, but haven’t received any replies, so was just wondering if there is a problem with it. I was just wondering about the hosting and what you decided about it.

    1. They are smart Thanks. Sorry about the email. I get so much spam on that one that things get lost. I need to change that email address to something else. I’m just waiting for my invoice to generate then will pay for another year so your okay.

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