my day so far…

Why does it seem nothing ever goes as planned? I think it’s just cause I have such a hard time accepting change. But no matter. It’ll still work out. Today I had planned on going to the bank. But I thought about it and I have only about $50 in my bank account. I get paid tomorrow I think. Or is it next friday. I never can remember. It is tomorrow… I just checked my online bank statements. So I might as well wait to open the account till I have something to put into it. I’m off Tuesday and Wednesday next week. And well this Sunday too. So I’ll go Tuesday or Wednesday instead. Mom was supposed to work all day at the office but ended up not going in till around noon. So I had to take her in then come right back and drop my brother off to school. Then pick him up again for 2:30. Which didn’t really leave me much time to get anything done anyways. But I did print out an application for NSCC and I called and got some information and the phone number for the person in charge of training for Human Services (Child & Youth Concentration). Called her and left a message. And I’m on the phone with student loans.

I made out a “rough” draft of a monthly budget for myself. It’s amazing really. I have no idea what things cost. I never really had to worry about it. Or just never really thought about it (which is probably why I am still at home and not on my own). I have no idea what-so-ever what I make a month. I don’t even have a clue where my pay stubs are. So I’ll have to look at my online statements. But how do you figure it out? I know this is going to sound stupid and maybe it is but I just never had to deal with anything before. Someone (my parents, or Brad) always took care of it. I went from living at home to living with someone else that pretty much took up where my parents left off. Not to bright on my part.

So I get paid bi-weekly, about $450 I’m guessing so about $900 a month. It’s so hard to figure out. For one I cut back hours. Two I have one whole month (July) with no pay cause one I got on June 30th and the other was a cheque. Before that I was looking at 5 days a week 8 hours a day not 4 days a week 8 hours a day (+ 1.5 extra/day for however long that lasts). Anyways I just totally lost myself. I have no idea where I was going with all that.

I guess I should maybe straiten up my room some? I have about 50 min before I have to leave to get Denton. And it’s a disgusting mess.

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