My head hurts :(

I woke with a bitch of a headache this morning which quickly progressed into a migraine. First bad one I’ve had in a few months. I swear it’s the medication. I’d been missing taking it more then taking it and never had any but now that I’m taking it regularly to get off of it properly I get a migraine… makes sense… Actually I suppose it kinda does…. no worries. It’s mostly gone now. Still bothering me enough not to go into work but I’m tired of laying in bed. Besides that probably made it worse. Tomorrow if it’s still bugging me I’ll just dose up with IB Profen and go in and give it a try. Maybe just getting up will help. I spent almost 3 hours today on the bathroom floor though. Every migraine I get is progressively worse . I get violently ill. I couldn’t leave the bathroom everytime I tried to get up I’d get sick. Finally I dragged myself back to bed and just slept. I’m not hurting as much now but still feel really sick. I’m scared to eat but at the same time I wonder if it’s not eating that’s making me sick. I’ll have something light in a bit and see how it goes. I haven’t felt that bad in a long time. My brother has the flu so maybe it’s partly that. Obviously otherwise I haven’t done a hell of a lot today. Just gonna relax watch some TV and make it a early (10 or 11) night maybe. I don’t work till 3:30 tomorrow. So shouldn’t have any problem going in. Anyways not much else to say..

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