my throat hurts :(

One good thing about loosing your voice. You can’t complain. Outwardly anyways. If I rest for a bit I can manage to get a few sentances out. But that’s about it. I went to the clinic today and other then my tonsils and throat being red and swollen he said he doesn’t think I have strep throat or Tonsilitis right now. But by the sounds of my voice (or rather lack of it… I can wisper some and that’s about it) it seems I might have a touch of larengitis. So yeah that killed the work idea. Ever try to talk constantly on the phone when you can’t talk above a wisper if it all? Not easy… not fun either. Hurts like hell. I was almost in tears when I left work last night my throat and voice was so sore and raw. I only hope Bethany will understand. I can’t help that I keep getting sick so easy. I’m trying. I’m taking vitamins and trying to eat decent. I just seem to catch anything that comes within 15 km of me!Had a dairy queen cherry artic rush and french fries soaked in gravy for supper. It sucks cause other then the throat and a bit of stuffyness I feel ok. Was a little sick to my stomach last night but I don’t feel it today. Now I’m just miserable. Oh well…

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