Need to get my ass in gear!

I finished the week with no major issues and have taken an extra hour a day next week to help catch up on some bills and stuff. I am feeling increasingly better and am really encouraged to keep going. I am still coughing but it’s manageable for the most part now. I am excited to be back to work and looking forward again to the cooler days of fall.

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of time to really think about where I am in my career. Which really is just a job not a career, but at least it’s one I really enjoy. It can become tedious though as I am sure even a career can be. I have been thinking though that with my knowledge of technology in classrooms (such as SMART Boards, projectors, etc) and with my love of kids, of education and of children with special needs, that I am really not 100% where I want to be.

I am determined now that I am going to go back to school if I can get a student loan and take Early Childhood Education (ECE) and also take American Sign Language and then ASL Interpretation. ECE and ASL Interpretation are both 2 year courses and regular ASL courses (levels 1-8 I believe) are the pre-requisites for the ASL interpretation which I would have to do first, maybe while doing the ECE if I can handle it. My ultimate goal I think would be working as either a teachers aid or an ASL interpreter or possibly be able to do both.

Next week I am going to call student loans or email them if I can find an email and see if I am eligible for a student loan and then I am going to get started applying. I should likely be able to continue working full time (well maybe reduced to 20-30 hours in the summer months) as most of it is correspondence as long as it would not affect me getting a loan.

I really think I can do it and I really think I should do it. I am a little concerned with going back into debt, however if I keep my grades up there are grants and funding programs that I may qualify for which will help me pay it off along with the increased earning potential. Plus I just want to be doing something that I think I would really enjoy. The bonus would be more income coming in for when Cory goes on permanent disability in 2 years.

I feel like in some aspect my life is not quite complete and I need to fill that void by doing what I feel I would be really good at and born to do. If I end up never being able to be a mother at least I will be able to still be able to make a difference in at least one child’s life before I die.

6 thoughts on “Need to get my ass in gear!

  1. I think those are wonderful goals I would even consider going all out and becoming a teacher! I know in the US, they can forgive you the total of your loan if you trade x amount of time to teach in rural or in tough urban areas. (It was something I looked into when I was trying to figure out what field I wanted to go in… still would love to go to be a teacher, still might). Also, I think with the amount of work you put into your current place of employment, I’d consider it a career. You’re working up the chain, your studying to further your job at this company, to me that’s the very definition of career.

    1. I did consider being a teacher but we don’t have any programs here like that for teaching but we do for the Early Childhood Education and I think I would prefer working one on one or small groups of children where I could make the most difference. Plus teaching is really hard here, there is way to many teachers for the positions available so you end up substituting for years and years before they will even consider you for a full time position.

      And yes I agree with my current job to a point. I am having a hard time really getting anywhere though because there is just not a lot of movement in upper management right now. I am sure that will change and I want to keep trying but I need to really look at the bigger picture I think.

  2. I really hope you can get that student loan to help fund your studies. If you have an desire to change your career because you aren’t where you want to be I think you should go for it!

  3. That sounds so exciting! I’ve never actually understood what you do now for a living exactly but that would be brilliant if you could get the training for a job you really want to do. It means so much having a satisfying job. I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently because there’s a lot of turbulence at work right now, but I think that even if I’ll never be completely satisfied with my job because of having to work shifts and overtime, at least when I retire I will have made a difference in people’s lives.

    1. I am a technical support agent in a call center. I troubleshoot hardware issues. I really want to work directly with kids. I really feel it’s important to make a difference in peoples lives as well and I have always wanted to work with children, but I am finding it really hard to get where I want to be. So many obstacles sometimes it hardly feels worth it to push through. I have the drive sometimes but other times I just feel tired of trying to fix what I messed up out of high school. I wish I had took thins more seriously and that I had someone other then my parents (like a teacher or counselor) who actually gave a damn and pushed me to do better.

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