Never felt this way before

I’m afraid I’ll never get to tell
you just how sorry I am.
That I never meant to you or anyone.
That I never meant to disapoint you.

Never felt this way at all before.
I’ve never cared for anyone,
the way I care about you.
Never wanted or needed anyone as much.

Afraid I pushed you away forever.
I’d never been one to write anything before I met you.
Thought it was stupid. Still do.
But it’s the only thing that lets me get this frustration out.

I miss you like I’ve never missed anyone in my whole life.
I wonder if you miss me too?
Or is it just me holding on.
To somethign not real, an illusion.

To somethign that’ll never be… That maybe never was?
I don’t know why but I don’t belive that thou
I believe with all my heart you still do care
about me. That just maybe you miss me too?

I doubt it.

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