New computer and back to work, again…

First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I usually reply to every comment but quite honestly right now I just do not have the energy. But thanks again to Kristina, Holly, Sam, Arlene, Christa, Nancy, Raisa, Sakura and Carolynne for the well wishes gabapentin 400 mg. The good news is, I am finally starting to feel better!

I have been back to work for 2 days now. I had a whooping cough test done last week and it actually came back negative. I was told that does not necessarily mean that I did not have it, however since I had been coughing for many weeks (6 I believe at that time), that the bacteria could be gone from my system and just the cough remaining or I might not have ever had it at all.

I had seen a respirologist last week since the cough was still remaining. She said it sounds more like an asthmatic cough now and she did a lung function test and told me I needed to be back on medication for my asthma. Because of the severity of the cough, the possibility of having had whooping cough, and the length of time I have had the cough she decided to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me.

So I am on two puffers; Symbacort and Ventolin (both because I can only take 8 puffs of Symbacort in a day and she figured it might not be enough so she added Ventolin as a backup), I am also o

n 3 pills; Singulair and Prednisone as well as she put me on Nexium to make sure that there is no acid reflux which could be making the cough worse. I also have to do a sinus rinse with saline solution plus Pulmicort as I have a lot of post nasal drip which she figures may be why I am coughing up mucus a lot.

I ruptured some blood vessels in my throat and/or lungs which resulted in coughing up blood, which was scary as crap. But I am now feeling better and so I went back to work Tuesday. I am going to see if I can apply for backdated employment insurance for the days I missed due to this. Money is tight right now so I am hoping I can do it, with Christmas coming up. I am not too far behind on bills but owe my brother big time now

I did have some good news in all of this. Dell approved my application for financing and it took less time for the application to process and for the computer to ship and be delivered then it did for their so called “48 hour approval” which turned into months… But I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 5000 series Windows 8.1 computer with 1 TB hard drive and a 15.6 ” HD touch screen display, which I absolutely love! I’m paying less then $25 a month so it is affordable. Too bad I am paying almost double it’s worth by financing but sometimes you have no choice. The other computer can now have some much needed RNR.

I have been playing around with the computer and figured I might as well come on and post something. I have been playing a game on the computer called Kinectimals Unleashed which is kinda fun. It’s an xbox game originally I guess. I am hooked on playing it. I will try and catch up on my favorite blogs this weekend. I am going to be pretty early since work is tiring me out. I am just so happy to be doing better though!

6 thoughts on “New computer and back to work, again…

  1. Glad to hear together are feeling better. My son had a horrible cough that scared the hell out of me but it’s finally going away. His was allergies on top of asthma on top of an infection.

    Yay on the new computer. I want a new laptop so bad. Hopefully soon.

    -xoxo Arlene

  2. I missed the news that you were sick again, maybe because I’ve been unwell myself.
    I’m surprised you haven’t been on Symbicort before. Over here that (or Pulmicort) is a base treatment for asthmatics. I hope that will help. The Singulair should do you good too.
    Have fun with your new computer, and hope you’ll get well soon.

    1. I never really got better, I forced myself to go to work for a week and made it 2 days into the next week but I just couldn’t do it. So I went back to my doctor. I finished this week out alright though. I feel pretty good, slightly shaky from so much meds but I can breathe easier and the coughing is manageable now.

      I think I was on Symbacort once before but I always stop taking the inhalers when I feel better. This time they told me that I am likely not going to be able to and will likely be on something for a while or even the rest of my life

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better from that nasty cough! Hopefully the bacteria is coughed all out by now. I had a sore throat last week and it’s a miracle it lasted 4 days *___*. Have you tried tea with lemon and honey? That worked for me (esp. since I drank it super hot and it kind of burned my throat??!)

    Congratulations on getting that new computer financed! It sounds like you’re going to enjoy your new device

    1. Thanks Nancy, I have only tried peppermint tea this time. I can’t really stand regular tea and I don’t much like the taste of lemon and honey. Peppermint seems to help and so does just about anything hot, like hot chocolate. Not sure the chocolate part is good for me and the sugar is definitely not but it seems to help so for now..

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