new layout and things…

Made a new layout for my LJ. Was kinda bored. And yes the girl I’ve used before. I just decided I’d use it again… So sue me :p

After I picked Denton up from school at 2:30 I went over to Halifax and picked up _juju_ and we went to Peel Pub for an early supper or was it a late lunch? You tell me lol. Whichever… had a good time, if rather short since I had to pick Mom up at 5 and so I dropped him off at his place about 10 to 5. Before I dropped him off I grabbed us each a flurry from McDonalds. And so… on the way back to Mom’s office which is only about 5 min from JuJu’s I knocked my cell out of the holder and into my flurry! Ya… not good. Seems to work just fine though.

In other news my father is “missing”. I say missing because no one has heard from him since this morning which is not likely to happen. He calls or we call him at least a few times in a day. He got stuck in Aulac, New Brunswick at the NB and Nova Scotia (NS) border. He was supposedly at the Irving there. But we haven’t been able to get a hold of him and neither has his work. Why worry? Well. 10 He’s diabetic. 2) He had no food with him. 3) He had very little money with him and no bank card. 40 He doesn’t have any of his medications with him. So to not hear from him. Well Mom’s beside herself. My brother is upset and crying. I’m so-so.

It’s not that I’m not worried. It’s I know my father well. I know he never thinks of things like this. To call us and let us know he’s ok, etc. But you’d think by now he’d have realized someone is looking for him. Mom even called the Irving and asked if they could check and have him call us. That was an hour or more ago. News says the border is still closed so he couldn’t have gone anywhere. So ok now I am getting a little worried…

Well I’m gonna go find something to occupy me for a bit. Maybe catch up on reading some LJ’s and communities.

ps the time on this is wrong… it’s an hour behind ?!?

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