I’m feeling a little better today. A little less frantic and feel a little less guilty about not seeing Aunt Marge. I tried. That has to count for something. And like wizziwig said to me on MSN last night, she knows I love her. She knows I tried and she’d have understood. Thanks hun. You were there for me at a very emotional time and I appreciate it. Sorry to leave so suddenly but I couldn’t get any messages through to you and I couldn’t get ICQ to open either. But I appreciate it all the same!

We’re heading down tomorrow morning for her funeral. We have to be up at 5am (I wish LJ had smilies). And lave about 6am so we can get there for like 9am. The funeral is about 10 after 10am. They had thought about going down tonight but I guess we are waiting till tomorrow. Not to sound bad or anything but in one way I am glad. If we went down tonight I’d have to go to the viewing. And I don’t think I could do that. I did with Jerry and it was very weird. When I die fuck just bury me and get it over with. I don’t want all that shit. A simple funeral is fine no viewing! I don’t like it at all… my mother is the opposite. She can’t seem to get over a death unless she sees the person. I just find it macabre and horrific. Maybe I’m slightly scared of it. I thought that I wasn’t scared of death (and I don’t really think I am). I just don’t see the point in it.

Anyways this is going to be short. I have some catching up to do on some communities and LJ’s and I wanted to promote a few communities. queen_of_lies‘s community is for people with depression, bi-polar, ocd, pd (panic disorder), gad, etc. (any type of a mental illness/disorder really) and the role of crafts in recovery. I have quite a few friends on LJ (and a few in real life) that have anyone or a combination of those. If you are crafty or interested in doing crafts please please join! Also there is which I’m a mod in. It’s for singles in Halifax, Dartmouth, and area interested in meeting other people. There is ever some couples there… And lastly is my own groups and no one has joined and/or posted in them (besides me) yet. One is which is for people with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ocd, pd, etc. It’s basically about the title. Taking it “one day at a time” and lastly is which is for people who like to take photos (there own or other peoples – with permission) and make them into something… hence the name Photo manipulation lol.

Alrighty well I’m outta here. Have some stuff to get done tonight, have to wash some stuff to wear to her funeral.

♥ luvs and hugs to all! ♥

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