Oops! I am such an idiot sometimes…

So I was sitting on the couch last night trying to modify a theme I want to use and guess what I did? I’ll give you three guesses…

Sorry all your guesses are wrong (unless you actually guess right, obviously)! So, I spilled Kool-Aid (yes, Kool-Aid) all over my laptop. What a waist of perfectly good cherry Kool-Aid. I spilled the whole freaking glass. It went down into my keyboard, into the speaker that is under the screen on the left side of my laptop and out through the fan at the bottom of my laptop meaning it got inside.

At first, I was so shocked and surprised  at first that I actually did it. Believe it or not I have never spilled any liquid more then 1 or 2 drops on my computer. It took me about 2-3 minutes to even realize that I got the computer as I also poured half of it in my lap.

When I lifted up the computer I realized there was Kool-Aid dripping from the inside of my laptop. All of a sudden I panicked. All I could think of it is is plugged into the wall as my battery does not hold a charge longer then 20-30 minutes (another reason I am looking to get a new computer). Then all of a sudden the thought went through my head can I get electrocuted? I have no idea if there is enough power running through the computer, probably not. But I thought about it anyway.

Then my next concern was “Did I fry my laptop?”. I shut it down, unplugged it and turned it on the side I spilled the liquid on and let as much run out as possible (not even thinking I am still sitting on the couch and it is pouring out onto the couch and my lap, apparently I am not very bright..). Then I posted on Facebook asking my friends what to do. Haha, I am such an idiot. I didn’t have a clue.

I left it overnight and just turned it on this morning and it works as if it never happened. I love the person who invented spill proof keyboards. All though, the speaker is not really spill proof.

15 thoughts on “Oops! I am such an idiot sometimes…

  1. How funny! You sound exactly like me! I am clumsy though with a capital C! I’m always spilling things {especially on electrical devices} and then freaking out wondering, “I hope I didn’t ruin it :/” haha! I’m glad your laptop was fine though! I also enjoyed reading your about me and what lovely pictures! It looks super beautiful where you live!

    1. Thanks! It is really beautiful here. I love it! And ya, I am really really happy I did not fry it. I don’t know if I could have taken that. It would have killed me haha I don’t normally spill things so it was a real surprise to me!

  2. Oh no! It’s scary when a good amount of liquid falls onto anything that uses electricity. Thankfully you didn’t get electrocuted and your laptop still works. I would suggest turning off your computer, take it apart, and dry everything out because it’s juice and everything would be sticky. Hopefully you’ll get that new laptop soon if anything :). This reminded me of the same thing happening at work except it was water spilled from one of the pipes we were testing. Turn it off, dry it out quickly, and you should be good to go

    1. I did and its working fine now thank god. I was so scared that I did damage to it. Sounds like what happened at your work would have been scary to watch. I hate when things like that happen.

  3. LOL! That reminds me of 2008 when we lived in Ireland and I spilled tea on my keyboard, sort of panicked although tea isn’t too bad for keyboards, and it did cause some troubles, I bought a new keyboard, a really good one… and after a few days I spilled cranberry juice in it. Hmm. Way too bad. After that I started being more careful with drinks close to the computer. I would really hate spilling something on the laptop. If it’s a separate keyboard, a new one won’t cost you too much, at least!

    1. Wow, I sounds like you are really hard on keyboards This was the first time at home that I have ever really spilled anything on my laptop. Cory told me after that he has, but since I never knew about it, I am just going to pretend it did not happen lol. I have spilled water on my desk at work a few times and once got a keyboard and killed it, but since they literally have 100’s of replacements they didn’t even make me pay for it. I do have spill proof mugs and tumblers at work now though since we have to use them. Need some for home it seems.

  4. I’ve done things like this. So glad it didn’t fry anything. I think its great that you had all of those thoughts because I first I was like, you screwed something up in your database when you were trying to work on your theme! I was obviously wrong lol

    1. No, just the computer lol. However, I have done that before Kristina. I once accidentally deleted the whole database, lucky for me I am fairly good at backing up before I touch anything. Plus I use a security plugin that backs up daily.That would of sucked though.

  5. Aaahhh the horror! I’m so scared of this happening to my gadgets. I’ve personally never spilled drinks on my keyboard, but my sister did drop my phone in the pool one time. I ended up jumping for it fully clothed. I’m glad your laptop is fine!

  6. T_T That would have been so horrible. I have only ever spilled a little bit of liquid on my computer and freaked about that. Thankfully it still worked, that would have been a major nightmare. They seem to make them tougher now, which they have too. xD

    1. They do seem to make them tougher, I looked up my computer and apparently the keyboard itself is “spill” proof. Though I can imagine that only to a certain extent from the looks of it. I am hoping if I get a new computer I will remember (and Cory too) to be more careful around it.

  7. Oh wow, that was a luck escape! That’s one of the reasons why I use a desktop instead of a laptop. If I spill something on the keyboard then at least I only have the keyboard to worry about.

    1. Ya, laptops definitely have some drawbacks when it comes to that. It’s much harder to upgrade a laptop too, some you just can’t. I used to have a desktop computer (had 3 or 4 computers at one time) but now this laptop is the only one I have

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