oops not again

No calls about the computer yet. Getting anxious. I want it now! Should definetly be in tomorrow though. I didn’t take something into consideration though when I ordered it. I think I forgot tax… how could I forget that right? So now I’m not sure if I’ll have enough. But Mom gets paid tomorrow so I should be bale to borrow like 50 or so if I need too till my pay day. Guess what I did tonight… I was cold. So I turned the heater on. And burnt my slipper which was under it… dummy! Already had a fire in here twice. Once Denton set his own pants on fire leaning against the heater. The second time some wires. Had the house less then a year! But it gets ridiculously hot! It’s not a good thing. God I want summer back! If I am gonna live through the winter someone had better go skiing and sledding with me! I want to go so bad. I’m not really feeling much like writing much tonight… So that’s all folks… heh, what a nerd.

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