I totally and completely screwed up this morning. I looked multiple times over the weekend and for some reason I just thought I was off today. I wasn’t. I worked at 10:30 am. When’d I realize? 10:45am. Was I dressed? Had I had a shower or anything? Had I eaten? No, of course the answer to all was no. I was panicking. So what happens? I slipped in the tub. At least I didn’t really hurt myself. Then the dog decides the living room floors a good enough place to pee. Why not right? I’m already fucked.

So the cab arrives I push the dog in his cage and grab paper towel and ask the cab driver to wait a second. I have no money on my other then some assorted change but definetly not enough for a cab. So I had to stop and get money costing me about $4 more. And I jambed my damn hand in the door on the way out. Now I have a bruise on the top of my right hand from doing the same thing 2 days ago. And one on my left top knuckle of my pinkie finger from today and it’s all swollen and hurts like a bitch. On top of it all I had left all the straitening up till today figuring I’d have time to do it so instead I left the house a complete mess…

So needless to say I arrived at work about 11:30 (11:37 to be exact) instead of 10:30. And I’m not at all in a good mood. It’s been just busy enough to keep me occupied and not thinking of things too much. I’m kinda glad to be here actually. I need the distraction. But I seriously was having a panic attack this morning before I got in the shower. Thank god it was before. Taking a shower helped me calm my nerves and bit and think about it some.

I’m much calmer now and I wouldn’t say I’m having fun but it’s not too bad. Could definitely be worse. Sorry about the post yesterday. A few people were concerned. I’m ok really. Just a little fed up with some things…

But I’ll be ok. Thanks for the concern.

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