still sick

I’m home sick again. Not supposed to go back till at least Wednesday. I went in this morning and gave told Adrian I’d give it a try but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stay and do it. I managed 3 claims and then I couldn’t. My throat is just so damn raw and sore. I went back to the clinic and the doctor told me my throat looked bad and I sounded like I had laryngitis. He said I have Tonsilitis. I’m on Zithromax. An antibiotic. He was like “we’ll put you on Penicilin”. I shook my head and said allergic. So he says Erythromycin, shook my head again. And he says “oh and the news is just getting better, mind if I take a quick look through your file here to see what else you’ve been on?” (He’s not my regular doctor, she was full, he was the on call doctor there). So he was like “hmm you’ve been on Zithromax before, we’ll go with that but you know it’s got some nasty side effects right?” Oh hell yes I know. I spent three days throwing up if I even “thought” about food on it. It killed me. But it’s one of the few I can go on. Should make it easy to loose another 5-10 lbs though on the bright side right? Look on the bright side… hahaha. Sorry Actually remove the sore throat and a slight cough and fever and I feel almost human. Tomorrow and wednesday I may see if there is something else at work that I can do so I don’t have to miss the day. Probably not though.

my throat hurts :(

One good thing about loosing your voice. You can’t complain. Outwardly anyways. If I rest for a bit I can manage to get a few sentances out. But that’s about it. I went to the clinic today and other then my tonsils and throat being red and swollen he said he doesn’t think I have strep throat or Tonsilitis right now. But by the sounds of my voice (or rather lack of it… I can wisper some and that’s about it) it seems I might have a touch of larengitis. So yeah that killed the work idea. Ever try to talk constantly on the phone when you can’t talk above a wisper if it all? Not easy… not fun either. Hurts like hell. I was almost in tears when I left work last night my throat and voice was so sore and raw. I only hope Bethany will understand. I can’t help that I keep getting sick so easy. I’m trying. I’m taking vitamins and trying to eat decent. I just seem to catch anything that comes within 15 km of me!Had a dairy queen cherry artic rush and french fries soaked in gravy for supper. It sucks cause other then the throat and a bit of stuffyness I feel ok. Was a little sick to my stomach last night but I don’t feel it today. Now I’m just miserable. Oh well…

a connection or something??

Ever felt like you just had a connection with someone? Like something, somehow just clicked. You knew before you even met the person that there was something different there. Something very strange but more then likely good. Some special bond that holds you two together even though on the outside your complete polar opposites. But inwardly your a lot alike. Your similar in so many ways, but different in so many ways.

I’ve felt it before. And I feel it now. To bad we are just friends. He’s exactly what I want in a guy and I’m very much what he wants in a girl. Yet we’ve never met. I’ve said way more then I’ve ever expected to say to him. I told him things my own mother doesn’t know. Things that I should have kept to myself before but didn’t and they came back to bite me on the ass. But somehow with him I trust him. I don’t *trust* anyone. Least of all a guy I’ve never met. But I trust him. Why? I really can’t say.

Maybe it’s naivety, maybe not. Whichever it is it’s something I’m not used to. And it frightens me in one way. But in other ways it doesn’t bother me at all. Makes me feel like there is some hope for me yet.