what to say?!

I can’t believe that they came back with a verdict so fast in the Michael Jackson case! I mean come on. I figured for one it would be guilty! But definitel figured it would take a lot longer then that!! Guilty or not the guy is sick! Anyway that’s all I got to say about that!

I had a fast day at work. Mondays are always fast and even though it wasn’t as busy as normal I found it still went by quick. Easier that way. Mondays suck there. Call your claims in another day and leave me the hell alone on Monday! READ MORE

Feeling Down

I should know better by now. I can’t skip the meds or I’m back to the beginning. It sucks. I went to P’s about 11a yesterday and we just layed around watching tv and stuff. Then T and A picked us up about 8:30p and we went to chocolate lake swimming. Was great the water was beautiful and warm. T and I went right in. Took P a while but he came in eventually, wouldn’t go to far out or underwater but he’s been sick with a cold for over a week and his ears were bothering him so I can understand that. A wouldn’t go in very far. Said it was to cold lol. It was at first and the top 2 or so inches of water where cool but the deeper it got and the farther out you went the nicer it was.

Work has added an extra hour to our shifts starting tomorrow so if you start at 9:30 or 10 you stay and extra hour and if you start any other time you start an hour earlier. They aren’t gonna like it tomorrow being Monday and the busiest day and all but I’m not staying the extra hour. B has known since mid March that Mondays I have group at 6:30p so I’m not staying regardless of what they say. READ MORE

Feeling much better today

I’m feeling much more human today :)  I think it was just that it was the first day in a long time I’ve been all alone. But I’m heading over to his’s in a bit and my family should be back by the time I come home tomorrow or not long after. It’s sad living at home when I’m almost 25 but right now I just need the extra emotional support and financial freedom. I plan on using the summer to save up as much as possible so I can get an apartment near the end of the summer on my own. I don’t wanna do the roommate thing again. Unless it’s a bf or close friend I’d know I could live with, other wise no way never again! This is gonna have to be short and sweet so I can go get ready and clean up and bit and call a cab. I’m lost with no work right now. The 4 days in a row off seemed a good idea at the time lol. Now I’m not so sure.