Pain, Fatigue & Kittens!

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It’s a cute kitten kind of a day! Why? Because I just need to look at their sweet faces. Actually, we are getting a kitten in about 5-6 weeks. Two little orange ones we are naming Mango and Marmalade! These are not them by the way. Just two cuties I found on Unsplash. I don’t have any pictures of the ones we are getting yet. We are taking Marmalade and Mom and Dad are taking Mango, as long as Max does alright with Marmalade, if not Mom and Dad are taking both but one is still ours.

I guess it doesn’t really matter in the long run because we are actually moving sometime within the next couple of months into the house they are in sort of with them. I say sort of because they have a trailer behind the house that they want to stay in, it has heat, a/c, a full washroom, kitchenette, etc. It’s a camper trailer, not a mobile home, but the plan is for them to eventually start travelling Canada and the US with it and only being here a couple of months in the summer and staying on the property with it down by the pool where it is now.

It may be a year or more before we get there though, one because of COVID-19 and two because they both need surgery. Which is why we are moving there. Dad needs surgery on his back, he has a few problems including a couple of herniated disks. Denton will be moving into the cottage on his own (fingers crossed) and we will be moving into the old house, the “haunted” one, which should be interesting. We are moving into the master bedroom, there will be a spare room which we hope will be used soon enough for a foster child, which we will start the process for once we are moved in and things are settled down a bit and then the 3rd bedroom will be a spare for Mom and Dad or Denton in case they need to sleep in the house.

Dad can’t use the upstairs at all so they have not been sleeping up there, which is why they were initially out in the camper, they love it though so they want to stay there even over the winter. We will just have to see how it goes. I am both excited and somewhat scared it won’t work out well. It’s important though to try and get my brother out of there and into his own place because they can’t handle him anymore, but I am not going to get into that at the moment, maybe later.

In other news, I have been experiencing some major fatigue, like completely debilitating fatigue. I am having the hardest time sometimes just sitting up on the couch. I’ve had issues with fatigue before, but nothing like this. I am struggling with everything at the moment. Mentally wise, not so much. I am actually okay. Maybe a bit stressed and slightly anxious but, no depression. I am not sure if the fatigue is from being in the pool so much. I am in there a few hours every other day. This started before the pool was up though and I have just been fighting it for a long time as it gets worse.

I start school at the beginning of September again so this should be interesting considering I will need to be in Halifax (a 2 1/2 hour drive) for 2 days a week. I am just going to have to power through. I am absolutely determined to make this work despite all the setbacks. I have been doing my best to just keep occupied and deal with the pain, fatigue, headaches, dizziness and nausea(and more) that has been going on forever and has just gotten worse since COVID-19 started (of course when I can not get in to physically see a doctor). At least now I can get in for certain things if needed, so I am going to try and get in and see him as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I am just puttering around waiting for things to happen. There was no point getting a job for a month as I won’t be able to continue it if I am in Halifax two days a week (weekdays at that) and home the rest of the time. I still have a bit left over from my last student loan so I am just making it last as long as I can while I wait for the next (new?) loan on September 5th. Oh, and I have been designing some stickers for my Redbubble store.

I’ve always liked to draw and doodle so I am teaching myself how to doodle digitally on my tablet. The designs are also available on a lot of other merchandise as well. So if you’d like to support me and help me keep Life With Kadie (and this blog) going this is a great way to do it. Right now I just have the four doodles but I plan to make a few more today. Hopefully, I will improve some as I go. Pen control on the tablet I have seems so different from pen on paper, at least to me it does, am I the only one that thinks this? I am completely new to drawing digitally and don’t have the best equipment but wanted to try with what I have before I commit to anything more expensive.

10 thoughts on “Pain, Fatigue & Kittens!

  1. Those kitties are so cute! That is so exciting that you are getting a kitten! I’d love to have a cat, but my current living circumstances don’t allow for that. Maybe someday!

    Sorry to hear about your health issues. I also struggle from fatigue, which goes up and down. I hope things get better soon. I love your determination to not let it keep you down! ❤️

    I love those designs! Especially the happy cactus. You’re really talented! Those designs are so adorable!
    Dee recently posted…i’m waking up to ash & dust

    1. Thanks Dee! I have had my older cat now for 9 years almost (longer then I have been with my hubby) and I can’t imagine my life without him! It will be nice to have a younger cat around though because Max is just very chill and uncomplicated haha. It’ll be fun to play with the new kitten, Max doesn’t play much when you try and play with him.

  2. Ohh kittens, I hope Max gets along with Marmalade. I like how all the furbabies have M names. I’ve heard that people traveling in a camper trailer or vans has been very popular lately, which sounds exciting for your parents. I hope your father’s surgery goes well for him, and he is able to move around much better. I hope that your health gets better, and school isn’t a challenge.

    I just got a tablet a couple months ago as well, I had never used one before now, and it is a completely different experience than using paper and pencil for sure. I did do digitally before but only by trackpad. That’s how I felt I didn’t want to get the cheapest tablet that was horrible but I wasn’t going to get a super expensive one when I didn’t know how to use it. Good luck with the stickers.
    Tiffany recently posted…Mix and Match a Little of Everything

    1. Yeah it has become popular to travel around in a camper, especially when in retirement as my parents are. They want to wait a year though since they can only travel within Atlantic Canada right now with the border closed to the US and the rest of Canada at the moment. That and with the surgery he wont be able to go anywhere for a while anyways.

      I want to get a tablet. Mine won’t charge at all so I only have a small phone (old LG G6 that needs to be replaced soon) and my new 2 in 1 tablet computer which is actually pretty good to drawn on. I am really loving it now that I am getting into it and really love doodling.

  3. It is great that you’re getting a kitten! The pandemic really slowed plans down for everyone. Kind of interesting to learn about haunted houses. It is great that you have been designing stickers as well. Keep it up!

    Nancy ✨

    1. Thanks! I am so excited, it’s actually only three weeks till we get him, I miscalculated. As for the haunted house there is a lot more to it. I have wrote about it before but we found out a bunch more information. I will do a post about it soon. It’s really interesting.

  4. Oh, kittens!! That will be lovely with two kittens! It also sounds exciting with all the changes in your life. I hope the living situation will be good and that your parents’ surgeries will go well. Can they really heat that trailer enough for a Canadian winter? That’s quite impressive if they can do that.
    Good luck with everything!

    1. They seem to think they can, so I guess we will see. Our winters have been milder and milder here for the most part. Last year we had some more snow then normal but also higher temperatures then normal. Our waters are warmer, we are starting to see more sharks, sun fish, blue bottles (Portuguese man o’ war), and other things that don’t usually come up into our cold waters. It’s kind of scary when you think of it. Not the marine life itself but the implications of them coming further up due to water temps being warmer because of climate change.

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