Photo Editing & Early Christmas Present

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I really wanted to use one of my own photos for my header image, especially one with a lighthouse so I decided to edit one of my own in photoshop. Something I used to do all the time but that I haven’t done a whole lot of lately. I decided to start out with the above photo. I really love it but it was kind of underexposed and I just really wanted to make the red in the lighthouse pop. I am pretty happy with it. I can’t wait for my new computer to come and to be able to use it as a tablet with a pen in photoshop. It will be so much easier I think.

I really liked the idea of the photo being black and white but having the red on the lighthouse. So I played around a bit with adjustment layers and I think I did pretty good. I am really happy with the results. I really want to start using photoshop more. I used to love blending images and making fantasy type scenes. Something I would like to give a go at again.  Oh and if you haven’t guessed… I bought a new computer

I have been wanting a new laptop for a while now. Mine is over 5 years old and got knocked off the table a few months ago and broke. It still works for the most part other than the screen occasionally craps out I am assuming from a loose connection where it’s broken. I have it pretty much paid off so I decided I was going to just pay it out and order a new one, so I did. I ordered the above laptop, a Dell Inspiron 14 5000 series 2 in 1 laptop yesterday. I was considering a gaming one but decided against it. I don’t want to pay that much, especially on credit.

I wanted to keep it under $1000 with taxes and everything, which I did. I’m happy with that. I got it on a 12 month no interest plan so I plan to set up some extra payments and try to pay it off in that 12 months so we don’t pay the interest. I also ordered a Dell active pen with it as it was one of the suggested add-on’s which I normally ignore but I want to be able to draw on it. Once I got the order confirmation I clicked on the link for the pen and realized that it is not listed as compatible with the laptop I got even though it was listed as a compatible accessory.

I called and after being transferred over and over again I was told by that I was right it was not compatible and was transferred to customer service for a refund on the pen and was told they would need to cancel the whole order and start over. I really hate their customer service! So I said the hell with it and am leaving it and will test it out when I get it and if it is not compatible then I will call and request to return it. If I can’t then I will likely just try and sell the pen online. I am sure I can find someone who needs a replacement pen or something for their compatible Dell. I used to have an Adonit Jot Pro pen which worked really well on my phone and tablet so I might look for something like that again if the pen doesn’t work. I know I can find something.

I am so excited to get my new 2 in 1 laptop. Hopefully, I won’t have any major issues with shipping as delivery here seems to be sketchy at best. I would not put it past them to leave a computer outside in the snow or rain or worse. I had issues with the last one as the address did not match what was on my ID (and still won’t as Nova Scotia does not change the addresses on ID’s anymore) and they really gave me a hard time and wouldn’t accept the utility bills I had and this time I have none as all utilities are in my parents name as they are included in our rent. Should be interesting, I can’t remember how I finally got it last time but I am not going to really worry about it. I worry too much about things as it is

29 thoughts on “Photo Editing & Early Christmas Present

  1. How nice with a new laptop. Also great that you go into Photoshop, that’s a good thing to do to keep the mind off your PTSD and that. I didn’t realise your pic was black and white (other than the red, obviously)! I don’t use Photoshop a lot but I fiddle around with a photo I took in Italy some year ago, to make the foreground lighter, so I added some layers and honestly I don’t remember all I did, lol. It turned out really nice so it’s too bad I don’t remember how I did it. I may play around some more with PS later.

  2. That’s the funny thing about Christmas, lol. I got my Pixel 3a and it was wonderful, but I couldn’t get the same number and I had to close and re-open some accounts because of it. I love my phone though, and I hope you love your laptop!

    The header looks beautiful! I love using my own stuff in my design as well!

    1. Thanks! I love the new laptop. It’s neat to be able to turn it into a tablet or prop it up in a reversed V shape. I have been using it a lot and it runs Sims 4 perfectly which is a big thing for me.

  3. I really like the edited photo! I think the black and white + red effect worked so well!

    I used to enjoy playing with Photoshop when I was younger so I can really relate to you. Haha I remember when I started out, I didn’t know at all what I was doing but I really liked the results I got. Like you, I want to spend more time with Photoshop again

    Getting a new computer is always awesome I hope things work out and I hope you get it without any problems!

    1. Thank you Claudine I love how it turned out.

      I haven’t been spending as much time as I had hoped in Photoshop because the pen I bought with it doesn’t work. I am looking for something that will or maybe I might invest in a graphics tablet to go with it.

  4. I didn’t get much in the way of electronics for Christmas as I didn’t want any but I think you did a great job editing the lighthouse.

    New laptops are the best

    1. Thanks Michelle! Yeah I thought long and hard about the computer and decided I really needed to replace the old one. It’s not something I do often. I had the old one 6 years.

    1. Yes! They are and that was exactly my hope. I got a smaller one this time more portable and lighter and also a 2-in-1 so I could use it as a tablet or prop it up. I am absolutely loving it!

  5. The photo looks amazing! I take my own photos for my blog, but I’m incredibly lazy with it. I’m definitely no photographer, that’s for sure.

    Hope you like your new laptop. I always love getting new tech, but hate transferring all my stuff over. And delivery can be a pain. Hope it helps with your photo editing!

    1. Thank you so much! I am not the greatest either but I have a decent camera and love taking photos and love editing them.

      I don’t like transferring stuff over either and my old computer had a 500gb hard drive and this one only 150gb. I honestly missed that when I purchased it and thought for some reason it said a terabyte. Oops.

      So I am not really transferring anything over. Its all backed up on Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox etc and my old computer still works so I am not so worried about it. It is the one thing I hate though as well and hate it more so with a phone!

  6. You did such a great job with the photo as well. Hooray for a new computer! The header looks great, it’s a great addition to your theme. I love photoshop too.

  7. That lighthouse photo is STUNNING! As a girl who grew up on the beaches of South Carolina, I adore lighthouses and anything related to the water.

    Also, congratulations on the new computer! I love Dell.

    1. Thank you so much Terin! I am in love with lighthouses, beaches, the ocean (and any water) and anything to do with my province so I understand what you mean!

      I love Dell as well and we have 3 Dell laptops at the moment (if you include my old one and my husbands) I have never had any major issues with them other then their customer service. The products though are great.

  8. Your header looks great. I always want to use my own photos on my blog but then they never look right. That’s why I’m so happy with my new layout because the background picture is one I took and it just seems to work so well!

    Good luck with your new computer. I really hope they don’t just drop it off at your door. That would be so annoying.

    1. Thanks Funny story, there is an identical address to mine in the next community over and they actually delivered everything there. The guy looked me up on Facebook and let me know thank god. I was not impressed with the delivery company to say the least.

  9. I got a Dell for my very first laptop after having a PC. It lasted less than a year. A year later, I ended up scrapping it for parts and got my first MacBook. Haven’t gone back since. Hopefully, you have better luck than I did (regardless of the rocky start with customer service).

    Your theme and the header looks great. It’s a gorgeous photo!

    1. Thanks Brandy! I have had multiple Dell’s this is my 4th or 5th and all but my husbands laptop have been great. I initially purchased his for me about a year and a half ago but even though the specs were better then my old computer it wouldn’t play any of the games I like to play even though it should have been fully capable. So he suggested that I give it to him lol. He only wanted it for surfing and Facebook etc. He uses our Xbox One for games anyways. So he lucked out and I went another year and a half with the old computer.

  10. Getting a new computer is always awesome. I recently got one too, but my friend helped me build it from scratch so it isn’t any particular brand. I normally would have put it together myself but I was feeling buh and he seemed excited to help so… why not? XD I’m very grateful for his help. I love my new desktop.

    I feel you on the customer service with Dell… honestly I’m not a fan of Dell computers at all. I have used them a lot in the past and moved on. That is just me though. I’m not saying they are bad computers I just don’t like them for many other reasons.

    I love the photo of the lighthouse! I think you did a really good job with editing it and changing the look.

    1. Thanks! I’ve built desktops before myself but for the last 5 or 6 years I have only had laptops. It’s so much fun putting a computer together and picking the parts out.

      I don’t mind Dell computers, love them actually. Just not a fan of their customer service. I find their technical support wonderful but their sales and customer support is horrible.

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