&^%$*(&^ piece of &%$# car

That about sums it up… Now that I got that out of my system. I have woken up for the 4th day in about 3 weeks to find my battery dead again. It is getting so annoying. I thought this was a step up. I did not expect so many issues with this damn car! This is the 4th time it has died and had to be boosted and the temperature only went down to -11°C (-16°C ), which is cold but not cold enough that a 3-4 year old car should die when it gets that cold. There has to be something wrong with the battery.

Cory’s Dad is picking me up to take me to work at 8:30 tomorrow morning and I am getting a ride back with them as Pat (Cory’s Mom) works 9-5 and I work 9:15 to 5:15 this week. At least I have that much going for me, it wont be like last week where I had to do a combination of co-workers driving me to the KFC and walking the rest of the way (0.5 km) in blizzard conditions (which most of the last 2 weeks has been) that cause a 5-7 min walk to take 15-20 minutes or a cab and either Cory’s Dad or a cab in.

Time to call the dealership I bought it at to see if it was a new battery, I am sure they said it was but can not find the paper that said what was done to it to “certify” it in working order and then call the Ford dealership tomorrow and find out what the hell to do about it. I don’t trust the dealership I bought it at so anything they say I call the Ford dealership for an opinion as the dealership I bought it from has outright lied to my face before about the car but if there is even the slightest chance it is covered under warranty (if a new battery was put in a few months ago when I bought it), then I need to call the dealership I bought it from to find out what to do.

I am so so so pissed off! But really do you blame me? So far since I got the car, the windows stopped going up and down after 2-3 days of having the car, one key fob did not work when I picked it up and the other died within a week, which took 3 months for them to finally fix it after telling me all this was my problem and not theirs, the interior lights would not go out as one of the doors did not seem to close right, which we noticed within a week, it was intermittent and did not always happen.

They fixed all of that after fighting them on it, but this is the last straw. I am really considering looking into the lemon law to see if it covers used cars or to call a lawyer to see what they think cause this is ridiculous to have this much issues with a “certified” used car (which I found out means shit all here) from a reputable dealership within a few months of buying it. It’s not like I bought the car from Joe Blow off the street!

Anyone in Canada know anything about this? If your from the US or elsewhere don’t bother answering that bother answering that question LOL your laws are way different then ours, however feel free to comment!

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  1. I know nothing about cars but I’m so sorry about all your troubles with it!! We lease a car by Daniel’s business since a couple of years, that way we always have a new car and can get help to fix it very easily if there is a problem, very handy.
    I hope you can get it sorted out asap!!

    1. Thanks Susanne, our cars not that old actually, a 2011. I have considered leasing a new car but don’t make enough money to do it and I would like drive too much and end up paying penalties which is not worth it for me. I just hope we can get it all figured out soon

  2. Are you not required to have your cars plugged in after a certain temperature? Granted, I just converted the temperatures over to F and realized, that you shouldn’t have to plug it in. I wonder though if there is something going wrong with the alternator? Like there is something else running in the background causing the battery to drain out so the alternator isn’t holding its charge? On the newer cars, the computers like to tick away and sometimes there’s background power being sucked somewhere. If you have anything plugged into car outlets, be sure to have it unplugged. We’ve had trouble with one of ours doing this. Joe goes far enough to even attach a trickle charge to one of our vehicles to ensure that the battery keeps power. But, we’re also plugging in our vehicles now since we are getting down past -20 C.

    Just be aware, to many frequent jumps can really burn the battery out and cause it to fail to keep a charge. But if the battery is under a warranty, it should be an easy swap out (pending that’s the only issue and doesn’t have to be traced further back in the system).

    1. No we are not required to have our cars plugged in, in fact it is really hard to buy a newer car that has a block heater anymore. They say they don’t need them. But you are right in the fact that it was not cold enough to need one anyways. I never thought of things like a charger or things plugged into the outlets. Battery is dead right now. I’ve never heard of a trickle charger before at least not car battery wise, I have been wondering about the alternator though. Scared to think about that…

      1. I wish we lived closer, Joe could look for you. If you change the battery out and find it’s still having the issue, it’s most likely not the battery. You’ll want to look closer at the alternator and, maybe even the distributor. I don’t know if you have any thing like an Auto Zone or an O’Reillys, but we have those here and sometimes they can run a simple diagnostic test for free to help you narrow down the problem (if it’s a simple fix). They can also test the battery to see if there’s something wrong with it or if it’s holding a charge properly.

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