Plans for Next Weekend

I am hoping next weekend we will be able to walk the Pockwock Falls in the Pockwock Wilderness Area. I still have the photos from Kejimkujik Seaside to edit in Photoshop & Lightroom but I just haven’t had the time to tackle it. I will eventually do a second part to that blog post. Hopefully there are some decent photos hiding among them. After hiking Cape Split the other day we realized we need to stick to easy ones for a little while

I really want to go take some waterfall photos so I figure it would be a good one to start with plus the photos I have seen online of the falls look pretty cool. The hike itself says it is a 3km, 1 hour return hike to the falls and is easy to moderate. So I think it will be a nice relaxing and easy hike.

I really had fun the other day but it was really to much of a hike for us both at the moment. I’ve been researching some hiking trails in mainland Nova Scotia to try and make a list of the hikes I want to do this summer. I will do another post later in the week with a list of them.

I tried doing a blog post a day on here but even writing them on the weekend and scheduling them is too hard to keep up and after the last few weeks I realized that if I am posting at least once a week I am happy with that and if I can get 2 or 3 then even better.

I am excited for next weekend. I find having specific plans for the weekend such as drives, hikes, walks, etc planned a week or two before gives me something to look forward to all week when the week gets tedious or long. It helps too that I have so much time off planed between now and September.

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  1. Waterfalls are always nice. If you have a camera with manual mode, bring a tripod with you and shoot some photos at slower shutter speeds. During a sunny day there’s the risk they’ll be overexposed, but 0,5 second is slow enough for that nice smooth look of the water.
    It’s so good you’re finding time to do these things!! And so many hiking trails over there.. must be fantastic.

    1. I love waterfalls, one of my favorite places to visit. I wish I had a tripod but I don’t. I do need to invest in one though. I will try the slower shutter speeds. I think that is what happened before when I was trying to take pictures is they were overexposed. I love that there are so many hiking trails and back country trails here. I love to hike. It is nice to be able to find the time to do things like this.

      I find dedicating one day on the weekend for an outing and the other for cleaning, visiting our families, etc helps make the weekends enjoyable and something to look forward to. Sometimes it is nice to have a stay at home and do nothing weekend but I think I will save those for the winter as much as possible unless one of us is sick.

      1. For slower shutter speeds (say over 1/30) you need something to keep your camera steady, but maybe you can put it on a rock or on a bag or something.
        I think your weekend plans are really good, we have plenty to do at home (but in the long run something to look forward to, will tell you later) but I’d love to try to make time for outings and photography shoots.

        1. I’m hoping to get a tripod soon but I am sure I can find something to keep the camera steady. I didn’t realize I have Sunday off as well so I am hoping to maybe go to the public gardens and try some more macro photography as well

  2. A while ago my husband took a long exposure shot of a waterfall with his camera. It looked really cool! You typically need to stay massively still (which is impossible basically haha) for them, or use a tripod. Something to try! I don’t mind capturing regular waterfall shots though, where you can see the droplets. Make the shutter speed extremely fast, pretty much. 😄 I am addicted to making my shutter speed very fast because it just captures motion and is a foolproof way to ensure there is no blur, even when a subject is not moving that much.

    I used to blog every second day but I don’t have that much time anymore. I’m lucky if I do once a week on average. There are many things I want to blog about but I need to get into a bit of a swing again.

    I am also looking forward to your upcoming posts about your adventures! Looking forward to all the photos 😄

    1. Thanks Georgie! I am looking forward to going to see the falls this weekend if it doesn’t rain to much, it’s forecasting a lot of rain for the weekend so not the best weather to hike or to take pictures in as I have nothing to protect my camera. But I am hoping the rain is mostly overnight and not the afternoons as it says, it’s always unpredictable here.

      I am doing good at scheduling a few posts during the week so far that I write up mostly on the weekends and it seems to be working this last 2-3 weeks so I am going to try and keep that up with the occasional post written in the spur of the moment. Every day is just to hard.

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