poor daddy!

I forgot to mention we “found” my father the other night. His phone’s not working well and after it gets from 3 bars (for the battery) to 2. It doesn’t ring anymore even though it goes to voice mail (which he doesn’t even have!). And he didn’t know how to call collect… (Umm… yeah… try 0, and ask to make a collect call… lol). So my mother wasn’t very impressed to say the least. His work actually called the RCMP and reported him missing!

So that brings us to today (wasn’t home the night before last so wasn’t around for anything to happen and last night was fairly quiet) 8:30 or quarter to 9 o’clock we’re all sitting around the table eating breakfast (which doesn’t happen all that often). Dad gets up and goes into they’re room to get a shower. All we hear is a scream and a thump. Mom goes running. And dad’s doubled over on the floor in pain. Say’s it’s his kidney area of his back. And he can’t move. Eventually she gets him (he was still dressed) to the bed in there room. I’m standing in the hall. Not really sure what’s going on. And he says to her “either get me to the bathroom fast or get something here fast I’m gonna be sick”.

The two of us manage to get him, while he’s still screaming in pain, to the bathroom. And he gets sick. For about 25 minutes he couldn’t get off the bathroom floor between the intense pain and nausea. Mom and I are debating whether to try and get him to a hospital ourselves or call 911. He says he thinks he can make to the car. Dad hates hospitals and doctors. So for him to volunteer to go means somethings wrong. He doesn’t put up a fuss at all as we manage to get him into the car. So mom takes him to the DGH and we hear nothing for about 3 hours (Denton and I know it takes a while sometimes to get seen there, so it’s no surprise). Mom calls and says they haven’t even been in yet as there was a young girl brought in who was having constant seizures (I know what that’s like… it’s not fun.). About an hour and a half later mom comes home without dad. They decided she’d come home and get something to eat and check on Denton and I. And then she’d go back. 3 hours after she went back she calls. They think he has a kidney stone. He has to have an x-ray and they give(gave) him morphine. He can go home with medication for now but if it gets any worse or isn’t gone by the same time tomorrow he has to go back and see a Urologist.

They think it might have something to do with his diabetes. Men with diabetes are more likely to get kidney stones. Men are period but with diabetes it ups the chances even more cause it affects the kidneys and other organs.

In other news. I found yesterday at work really enjoyable. Even if I was really tired from staying up late the night before. I decided not to read or do other things in between calls and ignoring the people around me. Instead I talked to them and it made the time go by much faster. I think maybe I’ll take a certain persons advice and try and interact with them more at work and not retreat into my own little world. I want to go to the next work “outing”. I have no idea what it is or when but they do them ever few months. Plus a lot of them get together at Dooley’s friday’s after work. I’ve been invited often but never go. Hopefully it’s not to late. Maybe someone will ask and I’ll go. Jacqueline has had a few parties that everyone goes to but even though she always asks me I never go. I should. Maybe it wont be so bad. Not everyone there is like Tara and I have to realize that. I let one bad experience mess it all up.

I e-mailed Matt and apologized for everything friday night. I’ve got nothing back. It’ll be interesting to see what happens at work. If it’ll be like normal. We barely acknowledge each other there. It’s sad. I so fucked that up. But you live and you learn right? I just have to turn it into a positive and not make the same mistake over. I think I might have already accomplished that.

Over all I feel way more upbeat and way better all around. Things aren’t that bad. I’m really starting to enjoy myself and my life again.

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