Quebec City & St. Lawrence River in August!

I have a week of vacation booked from August 26th to the 30th and I don’t work the 24th and 25th or the 31st and 1st of September either (weekend before and after vacation) so that is 9 days in a row off. I mention this to my Mom as I wanted to see about borrowing their camper for the week to go camping somewhere close by. Instead my Mom came up with the idea that her, my father, Edward and I go camping along the St. Lawrence River in New Brunswick & Quebec all the way to Quebec City.

I have been through Quebec City before mostly just driving through it or around it or going through it on a train but I have never really walked around in Quebec City or seen any of the sights. I am really excited to go. My parents have been before buy my husband has never been near there. Neither of us have been along the St. Lawrence river, though my parents have.

Last real vacation I had for a week at a time that I went anywhere was 2 years ago when Edward and I got married and we went camping for a week at Falls Lake. Last year I took a week but stayed at home and Edward worked so I pretty much just watched tv at home. This will be a lot more fun

I plan to bring my camera obviously and take lots and lots of pictures. We will all be going in my parents van together and leaving our car home. My brother also likely will not be able to come as he will need to work. I also forgot to mention Mary Ellen who is a family friend who was here for a few months in 2016 when Eddie and I got married is back for two months this summer. She arrived on Tuesday last week. She will already have gone back home to Ontario by the time we go though.

3 thoughts on “Quebec City & St. Lawrence River in August!

  1. How exciting! Sounds like a very much deserved break 🙂 I can’t wait to see the photos, as I’ve never been around that area too so I guess I’ll just live vivaciously through the photos hahaha 😀

    1. Thanks Jo! I am so excited to go. I love Quebec City but have never had the chance to really get out and explore it so I can’t wait to walk around and take photos.

  2. 2 years? It’s about time that you have some real vacation! Sounds like an interesting plan. I know absolutely nothing about Quebec, other than that they speak French and have an interesting folk music style.

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