I am hoping to get my readers to register on my blog. It doesn’t matter if your another blogger who reads my blog and/or I read yours, or whether you are here for the first time or if you are someone I know in “real” life.

I am doing this so that I can have more privacy in posts, I am going to be using a plugin that allows me to control access to specific registered users or groups of users. Once I have a few registered people I will start using it.

Obviously it is completely up to you and I can not force you too, but I would really appreciate it if you did. Click here to register!

Please note that if you do not register you will simply not see these posts, there will be no message saying password protected post, etc. They simply will not show.

2 thoughts on “Registration

  1. That sounds like a good idea in theory, but you may lose some reader that way. As long as you continue writing enough public posts though, your blog might be alright.

    1. Yeah I wondered about that but to be honest most of my posts will be public access, I just want to be able to have some privacy if I really need it. I have no idea if it will work or how well but I am hoping. I don’t really have a lot of readers anyways, just 5-6 regulars.

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