Rissers Beach

One of my favorite camping spots, beaches and boardwalks in Nova Scotia is called Rissers Beach which is a beach about 20 minutes from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Ever since the first time I visited which was about 10 years ago I have loved going there. It’s a provincial park that has a campground, boardwalk, beach and much more. We have camped there a few times over the years including the summer before last in 2016. It’s a white sand beach that is fairly safe as it is really shallow for quite a ways out, has very little for riptides and was rally popular with the locals before being opened in the 1970s.

Sorry about the thing on my lens on the photo above in the top left corner. It’s gone it seems from later photos so I assume it was a hair or something that just blew onto the lens the blew away again. I love how blue the water was when we went. It was a beautiful hot sunny day. It reached 30°C and with the humidity was closer to 35. Perfect beach day. The water was nice and cool but not freezing considering it was only the 1st of June. Some spots it was actually quite warm.

The image above was just before we got to the sand in the one above. It was up along a wooded path that runs alongside the beach. It’s nice to walk. Some parts of it go over marsh and are actually boardwalks:

I love the hill in the background in the picture below. Edward loves it too. Every time we come here and walk it we fall in love with the place all over again. It was a picture perfect day. Seriously it couldn’t have been any better. It would have been too hot I think for walking around Tancook Island as I mentioned was originally planed in my last post. Maybe sometimes things are meant to be. We’ll get to Tancook before the summer is out.

The boardwalk wraps around a wooded and marsh area. I love the colors in the grass and sky. I love how serene and pretty the place is. Even when the campground and beach is full of people you can still walk around the boardwalk without constantly bumping into people.

I don’t know why but I am in love with taking pictures of boardwalks. They are so pretty. I love the architecture in them, the lines and contrast between the light wood and the bright colors surrounding them. They just really photograph well I find.

The top of the rails on the side were covered in a moss or a moss like plant. I tried to get a good shot of it. I love how it looked on the rails. It’s growing right out of the wood. It’s amazing what amuses me.

On the road back to Bridgewater we noticed an old mill with a little bit of a waterfall or rapids beside it. I took a picture of the building. I am not sure why. I just found it really neat. I love abandoned buildings too. One day I would like to photograph some of the abandoned buildings all over Nova Scotia. We have so many of them.

Here is the rapids or small waterfall beside it. There was a bigger waterfall on the other side of the road but the bride scared me a little so I wouldn’t go near the edge. I am really not a fan of heights and it was really rickety.

I love how the water turned out in the picture above. I rested it on the rail of the bridge on that side because it seemed sturdier and not that high. It never occurred to me until after that had it given away I would have fallen into that and right over the larger waterfall on the other side of the bridge that I was to scared to go to

All in all it was a wonderful day. I wish we had gotten to Tancook but if we did then we would never have seen all this and I wouldn’t have gotten these pictures. I am sure I would have gotten great ones on Tancook Island as well but either way, we will still get there

3 thoughts on “Rissers Beach

  1. WOW!!! What a gorgeous location!! And that boardwalk is just perfect for helping to explore the area. So pretty!!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    1. Thank Laura, it is one of my favorite places in Nova Scotia to visit or camp. I love exploring the beach and walking the boardwalk. They are trying to protect the marshes and dunes so we always stay on the boardwalk and only use the paths that are not blocked to access the beach. I just love it.

  2. Thoroughly agree with the colours of the grass. Beautiful! 😍

    I don’t come across a lot of boardwalks because I don’t live close to beaches that actually have them. I think they look lovely in photos though. Everyone has that little something that they enjoy photographing

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