Root canal or tooth extraction

I made it through the dental appointment okay. They ended up not doing anything today as I have an abscess and infection that has traveled into my jaw (again) so I am back on antibiotics every 6 hours. I have an appointment on Wednesday to get my teeth cleaned.

When I explained why I did not come back the Doctor said “Why don’t you start with something small like a cleaning while we are waiting for the antibiotics to clear up the infection and it will get you more comfortable with me and my staff here” which I thought was a great idea.

So he is going to check Wednesday to see if he thinks the infection is gone and then I will make an appointment Wednesday for the extraction. I really wanted to save the tooth but to do that I need both a root canal which is almost $900 and a crown which is almost $700. The root canal would be covered (80%) by my work insurance but the crown would not be covered at all.

Since I have 3 other fillings that need to be done as well at about $200 a piece (again 80% covered) and my maximum that they pay a year can not exceed $700 (the covered part), I don’t have much choice but get the tooth pulled. I can’t afford the crown and since half the tooth is missing a root canal without a crown is not recommended.

So I am proud of myself and despite the antibiotics and infection I am feeling good about it all.

On Wednesday last week I applied for a coaching position in another project and I got one step beyond what I normally get  (not counting my project) and got sent the pre-interview workbook. Of course I read through the whole thing and panicked again. Everyone told me it was really hard. They weren’t kidding.

I am so unsure of how to fill it out and what they are expecting that I even went so far as asking Cory if he minded me asking my ex-boyfriend for help as he is currently a project manager (higher then a coach) on another project (not the one I am in and not the one I applied for).

I heard back from him a few hours later saying “Well what parts of the workbook are you having issues with”. I replied and have not heard back from him. However it is his birthday today so maybe, hopefully sometime this weekend or Monday he will help me. I just need guidance and did not know who else to ask. I hope he is okay with it (my ex not Cory). I am not sure if it was the right thing to do but he is a pretty level headed guy and we get along at work, granted it’s just “Hi, how ya doing?” type thing… anyways I am rambling, which I do when I am worried.

3 thoughts on “Root canal or tooth extraction

  1. I think starting slow back at the dentist is a brilliant idea! First a cleaning and then move up to scary stuff Whew, good for you. I hope you aren’t in too much pain.

  2. I think it’s great that he’s willing to work with you so well and is being conscious of your discomfort. It sucks though that you’ve got to get the tooth pulled. Granted, my husband has had a root canal before and he’s told me he’d much rather get it pulled.

    You’ve also reminded me that I need to get us in for our check ups. It’s been a bit =/

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