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Root Canal

I am so horrible sometimes at keeping up with posting, where did the last 3 and a half weeks go? I am feeling much better but after getting over getting sick about 2 weeks ago I got another really bad infection in my back molar that broke about a year ago. I kept having to put off the root canal as I kept getting infections or getting sick. So after 2 more weeks of anti-biotics I had my root canal done on Saturday.

It went okay. I was in so much pain leading up to the root canal and then mid week last week they had to drain the abscess twice. I was terrified of the pain I would be in after the procedure as well as what it would be like during it. I have heard so many horror stories. Luckily all I felt during the whole thing was when they stuck the needles in to freeze me which I will not lie, was not pleasant but since the freezing works fast it did not last all that long.

They had to stop at one point and put in a bit more freezing cause he had to cut into my gums and do something to the root of the tooth outside the root canal procedure (can’t remember what it is called) they put more freezing in for good measure and I was still frozen so I didn’t feel it. I was really anxious at the beginning of the appointment. I do not have fond memories of dentists (does anyone really???) but by the end I was actually laughing at my dentist and his assistant as they are hilarious, they kept my mind off it. Actually they had me laughing the whole way through, and without laughing gas or nitrous oxide.

They ended up not finishing off the filling and capping or whatever they are going to do though because it was such a long appointment and I still have an infection, so they filled it with something pink that I was told had cotton and anti-biotics in it and putting a white temporary filling to keep out stuff. I have an appointment on the 20th of November to go back and finish it.

I did not feel much pain at all that evening or Sunday. I was really thinking I was not going to feel any at all. On Monday I got up for work and was sore, I went to work at 11 and had to leave because of the pain which lasted throughout the day but still did not come close to before the root canal. Tuesday, yesterday and today I only have pain when I bite down on that side.

Overall it was not a bad experience (the dentist part not the infection part) and I am less concerned and anxious about my next appointments and my fear of dentists in general. I have a great dentist and his staff is great which helps a lot. I will definitely recommend them and gave them a great review on Facebook

Last post I mentioned going to the scarecrow festival and taking pictures but sadly my camera is not working well and the pictures did not turn out at all. Time for a new one after Christmas.

This weekend I plan a slightly more fun weekend of flea markets, thrift stores and shopping centers. I am looking for boots (winter or tall slouch boots), a sweater dress, and leggings and some other tops for work. Should be a lot of fun.



4 thoughts on “Root Canal

  1. I’m so glad it went so well and that you have such a good dentist. I had one like that one time too, now I have one that doesn’t really make me laugh but he is just lovely anyway. It is so important!!

    1. I am glad yours is lovely, a good dentist is a must in my opinion. I shied away from them for so long because of bad experiences and I am paying for it now!

  2. Glad you were able to find a great dentist, I had a root canal years ago and they didn’t wait until the freezing to take effective, that hurt like a b…. Next time if I get any work done like that I’d like to be knocked out.

    That sucks that your camera wasn’t working, that scarecrow festival sounds cool.

    1. Oh wow, I can only imagine! I remember when I was little, I was about 5 and my mom took me to the dentist at the Dental school as they could not afford one at the time and I had a small cavity. Same thing. They did not wait long enough for the freezing to take effect and it hurt like crazy. Oddly enough I had braces and other things after that and never seemed to care but then when my dental coverage ran out when I was 18, I never went again until a few years ago when I fell and broke my jaw and cracked my front teeth, and bit a huge chunk from my bottom lip, they could not freeze me because I was in shock when they finally got to me. It was in Afghanistan in Kandahar and I sat in a wheel chair in Role 3 (Canadian military hospital unit) and they were dealing with much worse so it took a while for me to get seen. Wasn’t until I started going in shock from the blood loss and pain that they decided I needed help now… anyways I have never wanted a dentist anywhere near me since…

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