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On Sunday June 10th Edward and I decided to go to the Salt Marsh Trail in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia for a walk. This is one of my favorite trails to walk on and is part of the Trans Canada Trail system which amazingly enough is 24,000 km, the longest recreational trail in the world! It extends into all 13 of our Provinces & Territories! I love walking this trail. It is a 9 km linear trail which means it never connects back with itself, it just goes from one point to another. We only walked about 1.5 to 2 km and then back again. It’s a pretty place to take pictures and enjoy forest and salt marshes. The salty air is refreshing and it’s a great place to see birds, go biking or walking. There are usually some pretty flowers, bushes and trees along the way.

It starts out from a parking lot along Bissett Rd in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. It goes both ways from the road but I have only ever gone in one direction, towards the salt marsh. It starts off as a woodsy trail.
I love dandelion’s as long as I don’t pick them and get the white stuff inside the stem on me. I am apparently allergic. I read somewhere that it is latex which I have had reactions to in the past which I find interesting
You come out of the woodsy part of the trail to this view. The sky was perfect and the salty air so cool and refreshing on a hot day.
There are some interesting tree’s along the trail. This I believe is a birch of some kind. I love the pattern, almost a camouflage in the bark. It makes for an interesting picture I think. Sorry it’s slightly out of focus
I love the sky and the colours in this picture! I love the view from the trail. It’s always really pretty and serene and relaxing.
As we were walking this seagull was looking for food and he came up with a crab in his mouth! I actually got a really close up picture as well that you can see the crab but it was really out of focus but it was still to see. I am sorry this one is slightly out of focus as well. I was trying to manually focus but was not fast enough. I need to read a bit about taking pictures of birds in flight.
The sky was just amazing! I love all the cumulus clouds. It was such a nice day to walk the trail. All we say for birds was seagulls but I was on the lookout for other ones as well.
Catching birds in flight is a lot harder then it would seem. I need some practice and maybe I don’t have the right lens for it. Not sure. But it still turned out okay. Not great but okay.
Last bird one I promise. This one I am pretty proud of. It’s actually fairly clear and I was fairly close. It looks better when you click the picture, much clearer.
This is the view pretty much on both sides of the trail through more then half of it with some bridges along the way.
I think I have mentioned this before but I love bridges and boardwalks and wooden walkways.
One of my favorite flowers in the lady slipper. We have some here in places. I saw one on our walk back but it was far into the woods and as there is poison ivy right along the edges of the path I didn’t dare go off the path. However just as I was about to get into our car at the end I saw this one just a few feet from my car. Fearing there still might be poison ivy in the area I didn’t leave the gravel parking lot so I just zoomed in on it. Even though we have them here I have never seen one this close before.

We ended our walk about 1:30 pm and headed home to grab some laundry and head to my parents as it was my Mom’s birthday as well. We went out to my Aunt Ferne’s for cake and ice cream after supper. It was a nice end to the weekend. Usually I work Sunday’s but I have been using some vacation time throughout the spring and will be in the summer for some 3 day weekends before our week vacation in August and Quebec City and the St Lawrence River trip we will be taking.

Sadly after our walk when we got to Mom and Dad’s we found out that there was a huge forest fire on Bissett Rd and at the Salt Marsh Trail less then an hour after we left It started out on one side of the trail and jumped the road to the other side and then due to high winds by evening it was threatening over 100 houses with the mandatory evacuation of about 10 houses in the area and voluntary evacuation of the other 90 throughout the night into the next day. Finally late in the afternoon they had it about 80% under control and by bedtime 90-100% under control. The cause is unknown at this time but like most forest fires in the area it is likely man made due to a careless person throwing a cigarette or a bonfire, etc.

5 thoughts on “Salt Marsh Trail

    1. They managed to stop it before it reached the houses. As for the trail it crossed it in some places and caused a lot of damage. May be a while before its reopened. I think the side we went on is still open just not across the road on the other side.

  1. The Salt Marsh Trail looks gorgeous! It’s so big and it’s great because there is so much to see out there. As I read the length of the area, I am already thinking this is an adventure alone XD. Pretty neat that there is even a body of water right next to the greenery as well. Glad you got to experience the walk.

    Oh no! It’s so sad whenever there is a forest fire. We have a ton here and apparently one of them has been burning for 6 months. This is why it is so important to be mindful of what you’re lighting up!!

    1. It is gorgeous! I love walking the trail along the water. It’s just a small little piece of a trail that spans the whole country. I love the area though lots of birds and beautiful scenery.

      Our forest fires usually last a few days and we have numerous ones each summer but usually never more then a few days before they get them out, definitely not on the scale of the ones you get there! That would be so scary. I am terrified of fire. Even a bonfire sometimes scares me a little.

  2. That first photo is out of this world! I love the colours, especially how the blue in the water and the greens are brought out. ☺️

    That’s a real shame about the fire. It’s really upsetting if a large fire in nature is caused by someone being careless or just one individual 😞

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