Scared of the dentist

I think this is a common theme a lot of people seem to be a part of, being scared of the dentist. I am going at 10 AM tomorrow and have been stressing about it all day. The time before last was the first time in years since I last saw a dentist, mainly because I could not afford one and had no dental insurance. After the x-rays he advised me my teeth were in pretty good shape for a 33 year old that had not seen a dentist in over 15 years. I did have 4 small cavities though, one in each of my back molars and that my wisdom teeth had no room to come out and he was surprised they were not giving me issues and that I had not had them out when I was younger.

I made the appointment to come back to have the cavities filled, however something came up and I canceled the appointment with the promise I would call back the next week and re-schedule. Needless to say I did not. A few months later one of the molars with a cavity cracked and then a small piece broke off, after a day it was sore so I called and went back in, he told me I had an abscess and would need a root canal or the tooth pulled. So I made the appointment and he put a temporary filling in that never hardened. I wasn’t bothering me and stupid me, I never made an appointment to go back.

A few months ago a little more of the tooth broke off and I still didn’t want to call his office but I did. I made an appointment on the same day I had a MRI scheduled about 100 km from where I live, figuring I would be back on time, I was not… Anyone seeing a pattern here? I know I am…

So then last week the molar broke right in half. I decided since I have a three pay month (August) coming up I would make the appointment and finally push myself to get whatever is needed done. So that appointment is tomorrow at 10 AM. I am so anxious. But I am not chickening out. I took the day off. I have no idea if since it has been over a year if he can actually do something tomorrow or if I have to start over with x-rays and then book another appointment. I am really hoping not as I am scared of chickening out again.

Oh well, it will mean I will have some time tomorrow to read some blogs and maybe post about something other then my teeth. I have not even touched my computer at home in weeks.

3 thoughts on “Scared of the dentist

  1. Oh you poor thing. I’m also scared of the dentist, or used to be at least, now I have a brilliant dentist that I trust to 120%. I’m still nervous when I go for check-ups because I don’t want to have to do any big things, but I’ve been ok so far. I have a problem with grinding teeth, and have cracks here and there because of that, and some year ago a bit of a tooth cracked and fell off. Then my dentist was off duty because it was during Christmas. But I went after New Year and everything went really well. I think it’s important that your dentist knows about your fears and can be careful and respectful.. mine is very caring and very good in every way.
    So good luck and I hope you’ll be satisfied with your dentist too.

    1. I fared pretty well today I guess. I knew a while ago that I had one cavity in each of my last four molars on each side, top and bottom and one of those was the one that broke and I knew I needed either a root canal or the tooth extracted so I guess I knew what to expect but I just keep going for the first visit where they tell me what needs to be done, then I don’t go back and then the next time I have to start from the beginning. It’s frustrating but I have no one to blame but myself… I am happy with my dentist though, he really put my mind at ease and his receptionist put my mind at ease over the cost. No matter which option I choose I do not have to pay it all up front but I do not like owing anyone. Something left over from my “in debt” days.

  2. Youch! It does not sound like a good party in your mouth right now. I am glad to hear that you have your appointment and you are going to get it fixed. I hate the dentist too, but I do go every 6 months for a check up because my insurance covers it. I go often enough so that I don’t have to go through a root canal or something like that. Good luck!!

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