Scary as fuck

At the end of my street and down a little cliff is a container pier or shipping pier. We are basically situated right above it and right now it is crawling with police, fire, hazmat and apparently nuclear experts have been called in.

Why? Because while lifting a container onto a ship the crane dropped it and guess what they are saying it contains… Uranium Hexafluoride. Which is used in nuclear warheads and in nuclear reactors?

I have to say watching them out my window is getting a little nerve-racking and is scary as hell! According to our local news it’s a “potentially dangerous” situation and the radiation levels are higher than acceptable (3x) last time they checked. They are not letting anyone in or out but have not given an evacuation notice to the surrounding public yet.

So Cory and I are just sitting here wondering what to do. The radio stations warned people to stay indoors and keep doors and winds closed in the surrounding areas. Which just makes us even more worried. I can’t get to sleep and I work at 9 am. This is gonna be a long night!

4 thoughts on “Scary as fuck

    1. Hey Kya! We are fine, they are still not saying much and still getting a lot of conflicting information and the place is still locked down. Waiting nuclear “experts” from Toronto apparently. My twitter name is storyboutagirl. I added my twitter, facebook, pintrest, etc urls in the footer below. I don’t really use twitter all that much.

    1. It was being shipped from London, England to somewhere in South Carolina. It was being delivered to the port here and then being sent by truck to the US. They dropped it apparently or the bottom fell out of the shipping container. It’s still there now and they place is still locked down and there is so much conflicting info going around.

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