She’s free!

I don’t know why I keep referring to my car as a she. Maybe cause it is her pretty blue color? Maybe it’s her nasty temperament or maybe it’s cause I am surrounded by guys both at work and at home. But yes, she is free. It was not an easy task and I am sure everyone who helped us paid the price today. We had about 10 people out there at one point helping us.

We started on Friday morning and it took us till Sunday late afternoon to finally free her. First on Friday after Cory’s uncle came over and replaced the battery he also brought an ice pick. We attempted to break up as much ice as we could and got the front tires loose. He said not to worry about the back as they were not that bad and would pop loose. I didn’t agree but kept my mouth shut.

I got in the car and Cory and his uncle got behind it and turned it on and put it in drive while they pushed. It would not budge at all. At first the front tires were not even spinning. After a few tries one of the front tires started spinning but the car was not budging at all still.

After that Cory’s uncle tried some orange snow traction boards that he brought with him, he tried to wedge them under the tires and was pushing as I was trying to drive. Again I was a little leery of this, had the car broke loose and drove forward I was not sure I could stop before running him over but he kept saying it was okay. So I decided to just go with the flow. Nothing happened.

Next he got the jack out of the trunk of my car and jacked up the drivers side front and put some sand under the tire, then he did the same to the passengers side. I tried again and car still would not budge. By then she was digging in a bit in the front as both front tires were spinning but the back tires still looked frozen into the ground to me. I mentioned it and again told to not worry about it lol. Next they tried pushing and she was still stubbornly staying right where she was. I think I mentioned the back tires a few more times and kept being told it was fine. So again I shut my mouth. Eventually I gave up and then we all gave up.

It was Cory’s birthday so we were all going going to his sisters for pizza and ice cream. While there we were given a bag of salt. Saturday Cory and I tried a few more times ourselves in the morning. With him pushing and me trying to steer her out, I had borrowed my landlords ice pick and decided to try freeing up the back tires a bit more. All we were doing is digging her down deeper and we got some rain the night before that froze. So we were back to being frozen in. Saturday afternoon I salted the hell out of all four tires and in front of the car and underneath as much as I could. We tried in the evening again and could not get it out.

Sunday morning I slept in while Cory went out with his parents, when he came home he mentioned it looked like the salt had done something. I went to look and it basically seemed like it turned the ice to snow and the car was sinking. I leaned on it and it sunk some! So I went up to get the ice pick from the landlord again and while there he told me to use buckets of hot water.

So I got a bucket, filled it with water and started pouring around the tires, under the car, around the car and in front and behind the car. After about 10 heavy buckets later, what resulted was a mess of snow, pools of water and ice that stubbornly refused to melt. At this point the car had sunk so low that there was barely enough room to slide your hand flat, palm down between the car and that ice under it, only under the four wheels had melted, the car was basically sitting on top of the ice. It was a mess.

So while we were out there contemplating what to do and cursing ourselves and everyone else who had come up with a brilliantly stupid idea that we had tried and quite obviously failed at and trying to decide if we should just give up and wait till spring our neighbor and landlord both came out to help. Our neighbor had the idea of jacking each wheel up one at a time and putting a board underneath it so that the car tires was resting on 4 boards. We reluctantly agreed and Cory and our neighbor went to get the boards.

While they were doing this the landlord from the building next door came out with his wife and asked if they could help and another neighbor came out to help. We jacked up the car, one tire at a time, starting just with the front two and put boards under covering the hole the tires had sunk into and placing the car tires on the boards. I then turned the car on and slowly proceeded to try and drive out. One board shot backwards hitting the rear tire and the other broke in half and spit out the side and the car dropped about 7 inches (2 inches was the board and the hole which was about 5). Let me tell you that was a sickening feeling that drop. I almost threw up!

So his next idea was to jack the car up again and put salt in the holes. He did this and I handed him the keys this time. I was tired of trying and getting seriously frustrated, if it was up to me the car would have stayed there till the whole parking lot thawed in the spring! I was done. So he took the keys, turned the car on and hit the gas and thump, the car fell again and salt came flying out the back and sides. At this point I was just pissed. Not at him but at the situation and the car and the fact that it had dug down even more.

While he was in the car though he noticed something I did not. The traction control kicked in. I had no idea it would make a difference, last car I had did not have it. He said he thought it may be part of the issue and asked how to shut it off. I couldn’t tell him. I grabbed the user manual and sent Cory in to get my iPhone so I could Google it.

I found it in the user manual just as Cory was coming back out with my iPhone. You have to go through the Sync menu. So we shut it off. I climbed in the drivers seat and Cory and him got behind the car. This time I noticed a huge difference. I could turn the tires! I though it was the snow and ice stopping them, it was not, it was the traction control kicking in. They pushed and rocked the car and boom, she popped free and flew across the parking lot, I turned the wheel hard right to avoid a parked car and slid nicely into a parking spot that had just been plowed and Cory and the guy went face first into the snow, salt, sand, water and ice that was under the car! But she was free and that was all any of us cared once they both got up and dusted off and realized they were okay.

So we took the car on a victory Tim’s drive and let her run a bit and warm up and get everything moving. Today she is buried under 15cm of snow again, or was till an hour ago when Cory cleaned her off and moved her a few spots down to a spot that was clear.

6 thoughts on “She’s free!

  1. So much work to get a car moving!! I’m glad she’s back on track, I hope she continues there.
    Really, ice is one big reason why I don’t like winter. I hate having to worry about breaking arms and legs just by leaving the house. Here it looks like spring right now, actually. For the moment, at least.

    1. I hate this winter that’s for sure. In the middle of another snow storm with hurricane force winds and up to another 50 cm of snow (drifts are already 4-10 ft high). We are literally buried…

  2. I think most people refer to cars as a “she”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to a car as a”he”. Hmm.

    I’ll have to remember that traction control thing, although we don’t get much snow here.

    Glad she’s finally free!

  3. Wooo, that is awesome news!

    It turned out to be a real challenge to try and get her free. I am glad that the issue with the traction control was picked up, so that you could get her free. I would not have noticed that either!

    1. I never had a car with traction control. I have not had much chance to drive the car and it is stuck again in another parking lot. This has been a tough winter.

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