She’s not goin’ no where…

Managed to get a battery and get it in the car today. Half the battle done. Cory’s uncle showed us how to put it in. Car starts but she still will not move. There was about 5 inches thick of ice encasing the tires. We managed to chip a lot of it away, jacked up the cars front tires one at a time and get sand under her but she WILL NOT MOVE! It doesn’t even looks so bad in the picture above but it still will not move…

We tried for the whole afternoon and that car was solidly in there. We chipped and chopped and dug and nothing. Even the sand is not giving it enough traction. Tried pushing and it’s just not going anywhere. Cursed all season tires. Next time I am listening to myself and no one else. Winter in Nova Scotia means snow and ice now apparently, and snow and ice require snow tires. End of story.

We drove all over the city trying to get salt or more sand and every store just laughed at us. Shook their heads and said “We have it on order, but no guarantees, it’s Nova Scotia ya know.” Next person that says that to me is gonna get punched. I mean it. I’m so fucking over this hell hole of a city.

We did manage to get our hands on a bag of salt, but I am not at liberty to say how. Lets just say we stumbled on a stash that would make us rich and we were told we could have a bag but can’t say how we got it. So maybe tomorrow we might be able to get her out. But I have no hopes, no expectations. I just want to bury my head under the blankets and hibernate. I said it once and I will say it again. The groundhogs have the right idea.

2 thoughts on “She’s not goin’ no where…

  1. Holy canoli girl. And even with the salt, there’s no guarantee it’ll be able to melt through the ice in a quick enough manner. Could you use like a blow torch or something to melt the ice? Might be a little extreme, but if I was desperate, I’d go that way lol

    You might try leaving the car running for a bit to see if heat from the engine could melt some of the ice. I just don’t know if it’d be enough to break through all of that!

    1. We almost came to use a blow torch lol! Actually someone downtown got tired of the 5-10 inches of ice on the sidewalks in their neighbourhood and decided to take the situation into their own hands and rented a jack hammer and cleared the ice. It was on the news. People are coming up with insane ideas. All because our snow removal/plow budget is maxed out and the city is not paying contractors and people are coming up with their own solutions. This is our most expensive snow removal season on record and all within a span of 2 months.

      Anyways we did get the car out. I just posted about it so I am not gonna put it in the comments lol

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