Seems things are going from bad to worse. I woke up again this morning to the same thing. This time DJ was the main topic. Anyways I got a shower got dressed and ready for work. I never ironed anything our got the ironing board out. I was sitting at the computer writting something and talking to wizziwig on MSN. My dad yells to me to go clean “this” up. I never asked what “this” was and just said ok in one second. He said ok. Then a few minutes later, wasn’t more then like 2-3. My mom goes in the bedroom and starts yelling at me to get my ass in there and move the iron and ironing board. She’s pissed and yelling at me. I moved it. Put it all away. She says to me. You have a little ironing board and iron. Use it your not to use mine anymore. So I say “ok fine but just so you know. That wasn’t me. I didn’t use it.” Denton yells from the living room and says “I used it”. She says ok then turns and yells at me more saying I never pick up after myself and I’m going to start doing it or I can find another place to live.

So I go in the bathroom. Just Denton’s towel on the floor. Denton’s clothing on the floor. Mine’s in my basket in my room. And Denton’s stuff on the counter. Mines in the closet where it should be except my hairbrush… which Denton used. So I said to my mom. “All that stuff is Denton’s not mine. I cleaned it up. But why couldn’t you have just asked me instead if the stuff is mine. And if I say yes (or even if I say no) then ask me to pick it up. Don’t yell at me for something I didn’t do.” So she says “You don’t like it find somewhere else to live”. I just said “fine”. And went into my room in tears. Fuck it’s worse then when I was in high school.

I know she’s under a lot of stress. But it’s not my fault. I’m tired of being the one she yells at. And takes things out on. My dad says to me. She’s frustrated. She doesn’t want to be here anymore. Well fine. She’s threatend us since Denton was a baby that she’d leave us every time she gets upset. As horrible as it sounds. Then fine if she wants to leave then leave. Don’t threaten us. Does she know what it’s like for your own mother to threaten to abandon you? I don’t care so much right now about me. I’m an adult. She want’s to leave me and Dad then fine. But what about Denton? It’s not fair to him. I know it used to bug the hell out of me when she threatend it. And it hurt. Like hell. It’s not fair to him. Yes, he’s 14 but the poor child doesn’t understand why his mom hates it there and why she wants to leave. It really bothers me…

Well on another note, I have to say something funny. Actually I have three funny things to mention. Two claims I took today. And one I took a few days ago. There just too good to pass up. Ok so the first one. The guy calls in and he says “This might get a little strage”… I ask him the primary cause of the damage to the vehicle. He says “An animal, it ate my car…” So I’m like… ok sure. So not really sure how to get the way it happend usually you say something like “What direction where the cars going and on what street.” So I just say “Umm… sorry can you explain that a little to me?” He laughed and said “I told you it was going to get kinda strange. Ever heard that one before?” I can honestly say “No, Sir. That I haven’t.” So he procedes to tell me… apparently a neighbhood cat or cats get chased by a few neighbourhood dogs. The cats climb up on the car to get away. So this cat(s) get up on the hood of his car. And the dogs start “chewing” the car to get at the cat(s). The dogs litterally chewed the front end of the car to pieces trying to get at the cat! He saud there was teeth marks and bite marks all over the front, sides, and hood of the car and deep claw marks. He caught that damn things at it!

So ok as if that wasn’t strange enough I decided to tell him about a claim I took from the other day. It was a farm policy. They had cows. This cow was out laying down (sleeping??) in the pasture and either heavy winds or lighning brought a tree down. On the cow apparently. Killing it. So the poor woman had to file a claim for her poor dead cow that got “hit” by a tree. In the begining I ask her the “primary cause of the incident” she says “uh… my cow. It got hit by a tree!” I’m like… yeah ok. heard it all lol. But apparently the tree really did hit the cow.

So the next claim after the “car that got eaten by a dog”… This guy calls up and says “I need to report water damage to my car.” So I get into the claim a little. I say “Ok so the primary cause is water damage correct?” He says “Yes, Ma’am. I drove it into a lake.” Ok… not sure I wanna go there… but I have too. Little further on… “Ok so Sir, for the discription of what happened… ‘IVD drove IV into a lake by accident’? is that correct?” He says “Yes Ma’am not one of my brightest moments”. Nah shit… really? No kidding… Lol! Fuck… can it get any better??

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