Shopping for fall & winter clothing.

I struck out at Value Village yesterday, I tried on about 25 different things and was not happy with any of it. I did find one maroon colored sweater dress that was really really cute on the hanger. On me, not so much. It was a really pretty color that suited me well but it was too long. It was a cable knit and I really loved it when looking at it on the hanger but the fact it was too long just looked weird on me. I struck out in the leggings department there as well. Any they had where horrible bright gaudy patterns that just looked so wrong on me. Same with work blouses/shirts. Plenty that looked really cute on the hanger but none that looked so great on me.

The shopping trip was not completely a loss however. We went before Value Village to the Weekend Market in Dartmouth with Erin and Cory’s cousin Scotty and I did manage to get my brother taken care of for Christmas. I found a Jimmie Johnson McFarlane Toy Figure and a gold card. He is a big fan of NASCAR and Jimmie Johnson in particular. So that is him pretty much done. Might get one or two other small things for him. I also got an idea for Cory for Christmas. One of many actually. I just have to wait till the pay after next and I am going to see if I can find it online and see if I can get a better price.

Erin and I headed into Old Navy while we were over in Dartmouth and the guys into the mall. I managed to get a sweater dress that I had found on their website, initially I liked it when trying it on. I also picked up a cable knit sweater. Both were listed on the website as being on sale both on the website and in store. Of course when I got up to the cash they rang up regular price and me saying they were on sale was instantly dismissed as just being an “online” thing. I argued with them saying if you choose the sweater and click “find in store” it then gets you to put in your postal code and then choose the color and size and then tells you if it is in stock in store and the price, which was the same as the online sale price. She tried to argue with me again. So I asked for a manager. Who gave me the same price, plus I used a 25% off coupon code so I got the sweater for free pretty much.

After that we headed back to Halifax completely, forgetting to go to Gateway Meat Market which was the whole reason we went to Dartmouth in the first place. Four people in the car, every one of them knowing that was the reason we went over to Dartmouth and not one of us remembered. Anyways, Erin and I dropped the guys of at our place and headed to the Halifax Shopping Center to go to Payless shoes where I had found a pair of winter boots I wanted. Of course the price I priced them out as was in US not CDN, I thought for some reason it was a Canadian company but guess not. I did get them but they were a bit more then I planned.

I dropped Erin off at her place about 6PM and went to Walmart as I still had not found any leggings. I found a pair I liked and tried on the large but they were slightly small, I looked for an XL but there was only XXL, holding them up against one-another there did not seem to be much of a difference in size so I bought them and the sweater I tried them on with. Leaving myself with less then $3 in my account lol.

I headed home and mentioned to Cory about Gateway and we decided to go today after going to the laundromat. I tried on the clothes I bought again at home and change my mind about the sweater dress, it did not look as good with the leggings, which ended up being so big I had to hold them up lol, not what I expected and boots, but the sweater from Old Navy did. I also decided I did not like the sweater from Walmart and should really leave at least $20 in my bank so I took the sweater dress back to Old Navy and exchanged it for a different sweater also on sale and I also had to argue with them to get the price. It really ticked me off actually.

I really think it is shady for a company to advertise merchandise on a website saying it is available as well in store on sale and then not actually marking them in store at that price and not telling their employees about it. Turned me really off of Old Navy. Though I know I will go back, I always do but I will definitely be paying more attention to their prices on the website and making sure if it does not say online only to push to get that price. On top of that I had used the promo code “ONSAVE” which gives you 25% off right now, and in explaining all this the second time I forgot about it and did not mention it to the guy when I did the exchange and even though he had it right there on the receipt he did not say a thing, which I also am really ticked off about.

I also took the other sweater and leggings back to a different Walmart. I was not able to find the same leggings at the other Walmart, but found a pair of black jeggins that are not jean type material even though it says jeggings on them, they are thicker and warmer and since I was wearing the boots and one of the two sweaters I got at Old Navy when going back I was able to see the whole thing put together and it looks great, black boots, black leggins/jeggings and a tank and sweater look really cozy and nice actually. I think I can even get away with wearing it at work as they look like regular slim legged pants rather then leggings cause they are so thick. They look great with other sweaters and tops I have as well. On my next pay I need to get another pair of the jeggings in grey. That would give me  pairs of pants, 5 sweaters, about 10 tops, boots & flats that I can wear to work.

Now it’s time to go through my closet and fill some garbage bags for charity. I have so many clothes that are still in good shape but do not fit, time to pass them on to someone who could really use them.

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