sitting on my ass doing nothing

Like normal. But hey I start work soon and I’m getting excited to get back. Not sure why. I’m not apprehensive anymore. I don’t really care if anyone knows why I was away or if anyone asks me about Tara and Percey. I have feelings too and I can tell them what happened. I don’t care if Tara gives me a hard time. Bring it on. I have some things I wanna say anyways. I just called to see if there was any extra shifts available on monday. I want to take like 4 or 6 hours so I don’t go right into a full 8+1 hour shift (the +1 is because it’s hurricane season and we allways have an extra hour during hurricane season unless we have a lot of people which we never do). I guess there isn’t much for me to do though. Adrian said to call back monday and there will likely be shifts available then cause people always call in sick or can’t work there extra hour or whatever.

I’m feeling much better over all. I feel more confident. I still feel let down and betrayed but it’s going to take a while to get over that. But I’m already trying to meet new people here and see if I can make some more friends and maybe meet a guy. I don’t want to get into a serious relationship right away. Just maybe someone who’ll want to go to the movies, go for a walk, or a drive (going on monday to test drive a 2001 blue sunfire. I want it badly! They said if anyone can get me financing they can. It’s at O’Regans in Hali. The guy I talked to is going to call me Monday. He even offered to pick me up if I had no way to get there.), go to the beach, or just hang out. I want a guy that will be ok with the fact I suffer from depression, will be understanding but also help me push myself when I need it. Someone who’ll understand that I do tend to get attached fast and cling but will help me through it. Is there any of you out there in Hali or Dartmouth lol? Let me know!

Well gonna go find something to do for a bit till 8 or 9 then watch some TV.

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