Dan and I went to see Slither at Bayer’s Lake last night. We weren’t really sure what we were going to do just I was going to pick him up at his place at 8. We headed to Halifax and went to Chapters for a bit. Then went to see a movie. It wasn’t too bad. Maybe technically not worth the $10.75 each (plus pop and popcorn) to see it in the theatre I’d definetly rent it went it comes out on DVD if you like Horror/Comedy. It’s a pretty good movie to take someone you want to snuggle up to :p I had a great time doing just that It was about 2:30 when I got home and I had to work this morning. Didn’t plan that one out well. But it was worth the trouble Tonight I was supposed to have my finals for ASL. I showed up and no one was there. I waited for quite a while and went looking and no one knew anything. I finally left but was pretty pissed off. I’d better be able to take it. If not I want my money back. Not that I see that happening. I bought a book this morning (Don’t Call Them Ghosts by Kathleen McConnell) that I saw at Chapters last night with Dan and wanted badly. I was kinda not sure last night. I wanted so bad to go look at the Parapsychology and New Age books but wasn’t sure how Dan would react. Turns out he has a Tarot deck and has read many of the stuff I have. And is interested in a lot of the same stuff. Which is kinda cool.

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