So far so good.

I found swype to text on my Samsung Galaxy tab today! I had never heard of it before. Cory’s phone has been acting up for a little while, so we decided to look into getting him a new one (got a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini) and then after that I went to get my hair cut.  While we were at the hair place, I got into a conversation with the girl cutting my hair about phones. She told me about swype. I love it! Trying this figure out a way to do this on my iPhone.

I haven’t had the time to post at all this week so far, it’s been a really busy week! We’ve been working really had getting the new agents ready for the launch on Monday. I have spent half the week (or will have by tomorrow) in training either being trained, training or reviewing training files with my co-worker. Tons of meetings, etc. I am happy the week is almost over!

Cory and I are supposed to be going to a movie tomorrow night. We both want to see the new 300 movie. I think it looks pretty good. It will be the first movie we have seen in a long time. I’m super excited to to go! The down time will be really nice.

I’m not sure just how much extra time this extra project at work is going to take up my spare time, but I am really enjoying it. I sometimes feel a little lost and wish I had a bit more guidance.  I am really hoping it will help out with my leadership skills. Its not going completely how I expected though and there is a lot of frustration on the part of the whole team because of some miscommunication, but we are working on it.

2 thoughts on “So far so good.

  1. I have never heard of Swype before, but it does sound interesting. Hopefully you can get it on your iPhone.

    I hope everything does go well with the project. I am glad to hear you are enjoying it and hope it will be really rewarding for you, in a lot of ways!

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