So happy the weekend is here!

I only worked an extra hour a day this week, but it has tired me out. I am working 9-5 next week and plan on taking extra hours if they end up offering them, just to try and catch back up on everything and get ahead again. I got my GST rebate so that’s good. Something extra to help to my next pay which will be a full one with extra hours on it thank god!

I went to Value Village last night with Erin and actually managed to find something for once. I bought 7 tops for work for $50.00, a little more then $7 a top. They were between $2.99 and $9.99 each. I never find anything there so I was really happy about that. I have s little slide show of the tops below. Sorry about the lighting and quality of the pictures, the lighting in our bedroom is not that great and I was standing on the edge of the bed, hard to keep still.

[cycloneslider id=”tops”]

I also found an idea for a Halloween costume I love. I just don’t know #1 if I can pull it off and #2 if I would be allowed to wear it to work. I am pretty sure that it would be okay but not 100% sure, so I am going to have to find out what limitations and rules to our costume contest. In 3 years I have never dressed up and participated but this year I really want to. The idea is a Flapper costume similar to this one. I love the 20’s and 30’s. I’m just not sure if the large will fit or if it will look okay on me.

Tomorrow I am going to the Value Village over in Dartmouth as the one here did not have it in large only small, which I definitely would not fit in and then we are going to the Weekend Market again to look around. I am hoping that if the costume does not fit that maybe I can get some other ideas somewhere. Plus I want to see what they have over there.

Sunday Erin and Kristy (my boyfriends sister) and I are going to Mahone Bay for the Scarecrow and Antiques festival as well as the lighting of the pumpkin path. Which is really neat. It’s a path with carved pumpkins up both sides of it, they are all carved differently. I have heard it is really something else to see. Erin went a few years ago and had some really great pictures. So my camera is definitely coming with me and so are extra batteries. I need to get a lense cleaning kit for it first though cause I noticed some finger prints on it.

So all in all it’s going to be a busy weekend. I expect to be able to sleep in both days though. So I am looking forward to that.

17 thoughts on “So happy the weekend is here!

  1. That is such a great deal on the tops you got. It’s great when you can find a deal with things you like/want/need.

    I love the costume idea. I am sure it would look really cool. Good idea to find out if there are somethings that are not allowed. Probably more related to anything that might be more ‘risque’.

    1. I was not able to locate the costume in a large, but I did find medium and it was way too small so I think I am am unfortunately going to need to re-think the whole thing. I am at a loss for ideas. I still really like the flapper idea but just don’t think it’s something I can pull off right now

  2. It sounds like you got some pretty good deals for all of those tops you got! My favorite out of the bundle is probably the purple fluffy shirt with the flowers. I notice most of the shirts have some floral theme :D.

    I think your flapper costume is more appropriate than what most girls dress on Halloween. Hopefully you’ll find some place that sells the costume :).

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks, unfortunately that shirt fell apart the first time I washed it But oh well. I am going back tomorrow for some more clothes if I can find some. I am going to try and not go with a floral theme this time, which I did not notice till you pointed it out lol. I am looking more for fall sweaters and pants this time and am going to hit some stores as well as thrift shops.

      I never did find a flapper costume so I am going to plan ahead for next year and maybe by something next week when things go on sale. Tomorrow I am going to end up going to work costume free as I could not find anything I liked.

  3. Oh wow! You got really nice deals on those shirts! I love it when I come across deals for clothes and just sometimes can’t help myself. I’m glad you were able to get some t-shirts at least.

    I hope that you will be able to get that flapper costume idea of yours out before Halloween, but I’m pretty sure that you will be able to pull it off.

    RE: When I played Silent Night, this was nowhere near Christmas, but I happened to find the music sheets (as if I could read the music sheets at 8 or 9 years of age – I had no clue!) and just happened to hit the right notes, even though I had no clue how to read the music sheets until my adult years. So weird, how we have a lot of coincidences.

    1. I love deals too. I used to avoid thrift stores and used clothing stores because I hated looking through clothes that never seemed to fit when I found something I liked, but value village is huge and is sorted by size so I just avoid the sections with sizes I know will not fit and don’t even look there. Makes it a little less daunting.

      I never did find a Halloween costume at all, never mind the one I wanted, but there is always next year. I am not sure why, maybe it’s the weather, it is so warm, but it does not feel like Halloween right now.

      We do seem to have a lot of coincidences don’t we I don’t remember any other music lessons other then learning that and “Chop Sticks” on the piano.

  4. October is such an eventful month. So many things to do and see. If you took pictures of your weekend, I would really like to see those pictures and read about how it all was. Sounds like an eventful weekend.

    About the costume, I think you should just wear it. I really like the idea, and I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all. Who doesn’t like a bit of 20’s flair. I really think you should try and stick with it a little longer and keep hunting for the right costume. I’m pretty sure they have stuff online if you haven’t looked already.

    1. This October seems to have flown by for me. I did take pictures but it was raining and my camera was not working and needless to say it did not work out well. They are all blurry and the lighting is horrible, so bad I am not even bothering to put them up. My camera is officially broken I am going to wait till after Christmas and look into getting a decent SLR somehow.

      I looked everywhere for the costume even looking through thrift stores and old clothing adds on Kijiji (like Craigslist) and I did not find anything that would fit. I gave up today since tomorrow is Halloween I am done looking. Next week I may start looking online for next year though. I still like the idea.

  5. It’s great you found some tops. I have a problem finding tops that fit as they should. This weekend my mom and I found a huge sale, she’s the one that ended up getting tops and such…I got one dress that’s still a little big.

    I don’t see a problem with the flapper costume, I’m kind of upset that I won’t be able to dress up at work. I’m sure if you work in the front they let you buy I’m praying and trying my hardest to stay in back – less chance of interacting with people.

    I have to start sewing on the costume for my niece – little red riding hood. Though I have to go out and buy some more red fabric to make the cloak/cape. Her skirt is red and she has a little fake leather vest to wear over a white top. I haven’t even cut out the fabric for her apron. I’m glad she’s not going trick or treating until Halloween day. haha.

    1. That’s one thing I do not have any of, dresses. I still have one from a friends wedding the summer before last but it got a wine stain on it that wont come out and I don’t think it fits anymore anyways. I have been looking for a sweater dress to wear with boots and leggings which I am going shopping for tomorrow and am hoping I will find somewhere.

      I’m in a call center and the last 3 years we have really gotten into Halloween, this year we did a pumpkin carving contest yesterday, and most coaches have been passing out treats but it was nothing like the last 3 years. Typically we have an individual costume contest which I believe we may be having again although there has been nothing posted on our internal network about it.

      Each year we also have a “team” (project) contest were everyone in each team wears one accessory (one year we were Sims and had a head band with the triangle thingy they have above their heads on it, another year we all had intena’s like Bender from Futurama on our heads (all tech and computer game and comic book/tv geeks on my team) and then we decorate our area of the floor in related stuff. Since we have SMART Boards we had the theme on them too and usually win but this year I do not know if we are doing that either, I have not heard anything about it. Seems really downplayed from the last years, but we have clients on site so that may be why

      PS – Your nieces costume sounds so cute! I am sure she will have so much fun, are you going out trick-or-treating with her?

  6. Nice finds at the thrift store! I never find anything I like there. That would be a nice costume. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to wear that at work.

    The pumpkin path sounds cool. That is exactly the type of event I would love to go to. I think my favourite events include the lighting up of something haha.

    1. Thanks, I am happy I found some, though truthfully I only really like and wear 3 of them. I am gonna be a bit more careful next time.

      I can technically wear it but we have rules when dressing that they will not change even for Halloween. A dress or skirt can not be more then 2 inches above the knee, shoulders can not be completely bare, we can wear sleeveless blouses and tops if the “strap” is more then 4 cm (maybe 3, I can’t remember) wide, no spagetti straps, no v-neck tops that show cleavage (that one I see broken all the time and do it myself a lot, as a woman it is hard to find tops that fall in the “appropriate” v-neck category, whatever that even means since they do not go into detail, leggins have to be work with tops that are long enough to fit our appropriate dress/skirt category above, no sandals that show toes, no flip flops, sneakers etc, no t-shirts or logos of any kind.

      Some of it I get but some seems overboard, and really for Halloween you would think they would relax some of it a little but they wont even let you wear a t-shirt or sneakers if it is part of your costume I don’t believe. Would they actually send you home or just give you a waning I don’t really know and have not tried to find out lol.

      We missed the pumpkin path lol I got the date wrong and my camera wasn’t working anyways.

  7. I really love those tops! I need to go shopping for work and just in general as well. I don’t have many clothes but the price of your tops were pretty decent for you to only spend $50. You go! Better shopper than I will ever be, haha.

    1. I usually am not able to shop like that, I get bored, annoyed, frustrated, etc. I never find nothing, not even in stores. But lately I am doing much better, having money to spend helps a little lol. I don’t feel as guilty for taking money I should be spending for something else.

      I have a closet full now but probably 3/4 of it does not fit, either too big or too small. I am notorious for setting it aside and saying “oh it’ll likely fit me some day” and never throwing anything out or giving it away or even selling it on Kijiji or somewhere. I have plans this weekend to raid my closet and if it does not fit (with the exception of one shirt that is my “goal” shirt I mentioned) and give it to the Diabetes Association or Salvation Army or if it is business or business casual to a local dress for success or womens shelter.

  8. The scarecrow and antiques festival sounds like so much fun!!! Can’t wait to see pictures. Are you ok now otherwise from cough and all that? I always worry when you don’t post for a long time.

    1. So not one antiques store was open, it poored rain, my camera did not work and I gave up lol. So no pictures. It was just not meant to be. I am pretty much forced now to get a new camera. I can’t afford it but I might go through Dell (shudder) like the computer. Guessing with an account now and being approved for the computer maybe a camera would be easier? I hate the thought of paying almost 2x the worth of it though but it’s the only way to work it into my budget.

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