So much overtime!

Okay so I’m horrible at keeping up with things… as you can tell by my months of no posts. I just finished a 2 week period of 11 hour shifts, and I am utterly exhusted. They were offering a 5 hour shift (or whatever you felt like working) between the hours of 9 and 2 tomorrow that was email only (which means iphones and music allowed), complete with pizza and other incentives and as desperate as they are for hours they actually told me no because I just had too many hours! I gotta say I was a bit dissapointed! I really wanted those 5 more hours on my pay check, not to mention the overtime…

I guess they felt I was really pushing it after being sick a few months ago. Since starting on amitriptyline though, I have been feeling relatively good. I’ve been sleeping (for the most part) pretty good. My vertigo seems to be mostly under control and the nausea and vomiting is as well. With the exception of one cold and an infection in an abscess in a molar a few weeks ago and a really rough couple of rounds of antibiotics, I am doing pretty good.

I am hoping to use a large chunk of the extra money on my next pay to pay off most of what is left that I owe for my bankruptcy payments. I have $850 left then it is paid off, then I can be discharged! Another $1000 of so on various other small bills then I am debt free !!! So ya, I’m excited. Considering this time 2 years ago I was about $ 50,000 or so in debt with student loans, 2 car loans (and only 1 car…), credit card, overdraft, etc… the lesson I learned ??? Do NOT buy anything you do not have money for up front. Mortgage and car maybe but NOTHING else. VISA, Master card or Amex for emergencies? NO… save up $500 – $1000 for them, put it in a seperate account, with high interest… and you’ll be ready for most emergencies. You do not need a credit card! That’s bullshit feed to you by banks and credit card companies. They want you in debt… how the hell else will they make thier money? You dont need one. I haven’t had one in over 2 years. There is other ways to build your credit like car loans and mortgages that at least you have something to show for them. And really think… do you even really need that? THINK

So yeah, that’s my little rant for the day. Oh, and btw I have a VISA debit card. Which is not credit , you are not borrowing anything, its linked to your bank account and uses your money, no money, no purchase… and that works just fine!

Cory on the other hand… wow I don’t even wanna talk about it. We have to start over I think with him financially. I don’t know if he can still salvage his bankruptcy. I just hope we can. At least one of us is getting there, then we can combine both incomes into trying to get him sorted out. But I refuse to go back in debt trying to do it. He’s gonna have to do what I’ve done. Own up to it. Admit there is a problem. Stop ignoring it and get-er-done. Till he’s ready to face that, I think its a lost cause. I just hope he realizes that soon. I want kids!

What’s that got to do with it? A lot. I’m not getting any younger. We are not getting any younger. I’d like to have kids and have the money to do things together. I know money isnt everything. But its something.

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  1. I’m so glad you are feeling better. I hope to see more frequent updates from you in the future! I’ve missed your posts.

    While I agree with the sentiment that no, no you do not /need/ a credit card, it is very good to have. If you use it properly it is a way to earn and raise your credit score, and it is there for emergencies. A lot of people (like me) live pretty much paycheck to paycheck and have to save for little things (my domain renewal is right around the corner and I am saving, yes, saving, for the fee) and can’t save $500-$1000. So we have our credit card for things that come up. We’ve discussed debt before, and bankruptcy, but something you may not know is that all my debt is medical. I have no bills or car or any major unnecessary purchases I am behind in. All my debt is purely medical- and that is with health insurance. You have no idea how fucked up everything is in the USA is, healthcare wise.

    1. I am going to try and post weekly at least. I miss posting on my blog and reading yours and others.

      I do agree that credit cards are useful and good to fall back on in emergencies and that once your in debt and/or living paycheck to paycheck saving up is an impossible feat. I guess I mean more when your not yet in debt or like me on your way out of it or just out of it and facing choices of: do I go and get a credit card now or do I try it without? I think when you get to this point you can live without. It’s all about choices, and obvoiusly the same choice is not right for everyone…

      I’ve spent years living paycheck to paycheck but I think that in grades 10, 11 & 12 there should be more mandatory “household running” type classes for both males and females or something extra curricular you have to take to pass. Medical emergencies and medical bills you’ve had cant really be planned for. I understand that and that credit cards are needed at times but it doesn’t apply to everyone or even at certain points in your life.

      Honestly I’ve been saved many times by a credit card and don’t regret it and I don’t even feel bad about declaring bankruptcy anymore but going forward I’m finally going to be at a point where saving is possible so I’m going to try and save actually about $2500 to 5000 over a year and that will be my fall back money rather than a $2500 – 5000 credit card. Basically what I’m saying is if you get the chance take it. And yes I know not everyone will… and location does factor into that a lot.

  2. Congrats on getting through all that debt! That’s an amazing accomplishment. I remember how I felt when I got my $12000 paid off in 8 months so I can imagine how $50000 in 12 months must feel!

    It’s also so good when you get paid and you don’t have to put any of your money on debt.

    1. Thanks, it is a relief to know that I will most likely be debt free in the new year. I am looking forward to it, and to rebuilding my credit (through my auto loan). I am hoping that in a year or two I might be able to be approved for a mortgage to buy us a house. Between us we make enough money, it’s just credit and bankruptcy that’s been an issue.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with a little overtime especially if you can get paid for it. Just remember to enjoy life too lol

    Congrats on being nearly debt free! There's nothing like feeling free from money obligations than owing nothing to no one. I know and understand the struggle. We're close to being debt free too .

    1. Ya life… How could I forget that lol. I’m hoping by working my butt off for a little bit here before Christmas that after New Years I can just sit back and relax a little

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