Some Saturday afternoon spending

Cory and I had plans to take $50 each from our pay and go grocery shopping and go to Gateway Market to get some meats. We ended up spending $320. $80 of his money and $240 of mine. So umm… yeah… we came home with a shit load of groceries. We ended up spending his $80 at Gateway, $20 something at Shoppers Drug Mart, $60 at Giant Tiger and then another $160 at Walmart! Almost all on food. We are stocked up good though. No running out for at least 2 months (with the exception of some perishables).

I still somehow have $250 left in my bank account and every single bill is paid up. I ended up getting $400 back from my income taxes, why it was $130 more then what it said when we e-filed it I am not sure. But my Mom said not to worry. They never give back too much. She figures that as I was considered “low-income” last year that there was some tax benefit that I was entitled to that she missed. I still have a GST check coming on Friday which is another $160 which is going right into my savings account!

My goal is by the end of the summer to have a full month of all bills set aside in case we ever have a really bad month and need extra money, by the end of the year maybe 2 months. On top of that I want to start putting money in my tax free savings account for a down payment on a car or something. My car has a few years left in it but I still want to start saving. Things are coming together quite nicely for my end of it. Now we just have to work on Cory’s stuff.

4 thoughts on “Some Saturday afternoon spending

  1. At least you’re all stocked up! Things have been a bit tight in my household, to be honest, so we’re keeping a tight budget when it comes to groceries. It’s okay though, because it means I get to come up with new recipes to try with the things we have left in the house

    Good luck with all your financial stuff!

    1. Thanks, I love being able to stock up on things ahead of time. I have the idea of running out of groceries and not having money to buy anything. It sucks!

      Sorry to hear that things have been a bit tight in your household lately. I know how that feels. Been there a few times myself. Hopefully things will get better soon!

  2. Wow, at least you must have plenty of supplies in. I shop weekly because I buy a lot of fresh products in as I live with a vegetarian.

    Having some money set aside to pay for a full month of bills is something that I do too. You never know when you might need that extra cash!

    1. Having money saved up ahead of time for a month or two had always been a goal of time for a long time! It just makes me feel more secure. You really never know when you’ll need it.

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