Something Important?

I think I may possibly have made a kind of important discovery today. I’ve been home now for about 20 hours. I started with a headache just after I got back from my appointment a few hours ago. Since then the headache has gotten worse, I am stuffed up, my ears are ringing, and my right ear hurts, I feel lightheaded and I am nauseous. I have thrown up once since I got back from my appointment. All this had gone away while I was at my parents.

Thinking about it that way… I was at my parents place for 6 days. After about a day of being there I was starting to feel better, everything went away. I thought it was just the end of everything again until it comes back down the road sometime. Now I am not so sure. Within a day I am starting to feel like I did before I left.

I am wondering if there is something in the apartment doing this to me. Something I am allergic to or sensitive to, something environmental? Or am I just getting sick again with a cold or something? I don’t really know if this can cause vertigo and problems with your ears like pressure, fullness, pain and ringing in your ears. But I am pretty sure that I have stumbled upon something important. Something that might help my doctor figure this all out.

I am so frustrated, so tired and don’t want everything to come back but at least it gave me a good clue to follow. I think I may utilize the balcony and fresh air for a bit and see if that helps.

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