still sick

I’m home sick again. Not supposed to go back till at least Wednesday. I went in this morning and gave told Adrian I’d give it a try but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stay and do it. I managed 3 claims and then I couldn’t. My throat is just so damn raw and sore. I went back to the clinic and the doctor told me my throat looked bad and I sounded like I had laryngitis. He said I have Tonsilitis. I’m on Zithromax. An antibiotic. He was like “we’ll put you on Penicilin”. I shook my head and said allergic. So he says Erythromycin, shook my head again. And he says “oh and the news is just getting better, mind if I take a quick look through your file here to see what else you’ve been on?” (He’s not my regular doctor, she was full, he was the on call doctor there). So he was like “hmm you’ve been on Zithromax before, we’ll go with that but you know it’s got some nasty side effects right?” Oh hell yes I know. I spent three days throwing up if I even “thought” about food on it. It killed me. But it’s one of the few I can go on. Should make it easy to loose another 5-10 lbs though on the bright side right? Look on the bright side… hahaha. Sorry Actually remove the sore throat and a slight cough and fever and I feel almost human. Tomorrow and wednesday I may see if there is something else at work that I can do so I don’t have to miss the day. Probably not though.

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