Stir crazy

I am getting so bored. It is September 6th and it is almost 30°C outside or it feels like it anyway, I think it is like 22-23°C and feels like 26-27°C. It’s beautiful and I am sitting on my couch with all the windows open watching the Simpsons and playing games on the computer. It does not feel like fall yet. It’s so warm outside.

I just want to be outside. We went this morning to the Harbourview Weekend Market in Dartmouth with Cory’s cousin to look around. This weekend is the 50 Mile Yard Sale which is an event that goes on every year. My best friend Erin and I usually go every year. We all decided yesterday not to go since we did not have much money left and need to use what is left for gas till the end of the month and can not spare the gas. I am disappointed. I really wanted to get out all day and enjoy the day. Doesn’t even bother me that I would be doing all the driving. It would have been worth it.

So Cory and I and his cousin Scotty went to the weekend market instead. I was a bit disappointed in that as well. I was hoping to find a bit more crafts and homemade stuff but most of it was just junk. I didn’t even bother taking any pictures, I was glad to get out though.

I know next month will be better since I will be caught back up on everything bill wise and will have more money and will be hopefully feeling better for longer outings and being outside for longer periods of time. I am looking forward to that at least.

I also need to get back to the gym. Cory’s sister Kristy and I have not gone in almost 2 months. I need to get back to at least 2-3 times a week. She wants to go back too. Just waiting for me mostly I think. Neither of us like going alone.

6 thoughts on “Stir crazy

  1. It was chilly here this weekend! We actually started a fire or two in the stove.

    I hope you got out and enjoyed the sunshine though at least for a little bit even if you couldn’t go to a whole lot of places Also, good luck with getting back into the habits of things!

    1. Thanks Kristina, I did get to enjoy it for a little while. It is still really sunny and above 15°C during the day this week but it has been colder, I have noticed it in the mornings. Like 8-12°C. Much cooler than the 20°C it was over night just 2 weeks ago…

  2. Going outside. That’s something I enjoy a lot! I can understand what you mean, I used to go out and visit places almost every week-end in the past, but lately money is so tight I can barely do that once a year. I also like to visit fairs and places where they show crafty stuff. I’m sorry you didn’t find anything good at the weekend market, but I’m glad things will be more stable for you next month!

    1. I was starting to enjoy having some spare money to do things but being sick and missing 3 weeks has put me a little behind so I am back to not having money to do anything. It sucks lol. I do know how that feels though. I had almost 5 years of just scraping by and trying to pay off debt. Even though I never found anything at the weekend market I am still glad I went and kind of want to make it a monthly thing

  3. It has been starting to cool off here, which is great! It’s been so hot. We have a local art fair coming up so I’m hoping that I can get out and have fun there!

    Working out alone is rough. Take that chance that you have a workout partner and run (literally or figuratively!) with it! My fiance has really bad eczema so he can’t ever go with me on my morning runs. But I might start going to the gym so I can make him come along with me.

    1. The art fair sounds fun! Is it showcasing local talent or is it other people being brought in? I think we have something like that here and we have an art museum which I have not been to in a long time. Reminds me I should go

      I do like that I have a workout partner, we both enjoy going to the gym once we are there, it is the getting there that is the hard part. Trying to convince ourselves that it will be fun is sometimes hard!

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