sublet and a date(?)…

So I went out with Dan last night for the first time. We went for coffee and food (I hadn’t eaten yet but he had so I got tacos :p). I had a really really good time and we talked a lot. I was really surprised at how easy it was to talk to him. And just how comfortable I felt around him being it was the first time we met. We’ve been talking for a little while on MSN. At the end he kissed me goodnight! And I enjoyed it a lot lol. I wasn’t really thinking of it so much as a date till the end. But I had the best time.

Then when I got home around 10 he was online and we started talking again and talked for another hour until ER came on. He asked me how I felt it went. I told him I thought it went pretty well and asked him the same and she said he had a good time and agreed that it went well. Then he asked me if I had felt comfortable because I had mentioned earlier on at one point on MSN that I was worried that meeting someone like that would be uncomfortable even though it would be the third time I’d done it. Though the other two were a bit different. Since the intention on both those times was to make a friend (which I did both times and am still friends with them) but this time was a little different since we both had something else in mind. But he said he wanted to make sure I felt completely comfortable with everything and not to hesitate to tell him if I didn’t. I thought that was so sweet. Someone actually asking me if I was comfortable.

When ER came on I told him I was going to go lay in bed and watch it and if I didn’t fall asleep before the end I may be back if he was going to still be on. He said he might be and to message him when it was over if I wanted to. I did fall asleep during ER and when I woke up I was groggy and he had messaged me saying that he was going to bed and goodnight just a few minutes before so I messaged him back and told I was still there but tired and was going to bed too. And we said our good nights.

Oh and I e-mailed Rachel back about the sublet saying I wanted it. So as long as she is still Ok with it then guess what? I’m moving the beginning of May! Now I need to find some furniture for the room. Some will be easy as I already have it. There is a TV in the room already but I think I’ll bring mine too. And I have a computer desk somewhere. This one is staying I think. And I have a single bed but I really really want a double since the room has ample space for one. Shouldn’t be to hard to find one I think. I’m so excited. 2 really good things in one day! Who could ask for more! I am so fucking happy and in such a good mood. Monday and Tuesday seem so far away now. Though there was good things Monday I do want to remember.

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