20 Years Ago, I: (age 5)
1. Had strait blond hair
2. Moved to Germany
3. Got a dog named Muffy
4. Had no siblings
5. Loved being a kid

15 Years Ago, I: (age10)
1. Had strait darker blond hair, cut shoulder length
2. Was in Mr Martins class
3. Was best friends with Erin
4. Still had no siblings, though my parents where talking about adoption
5. Had horseback ridding lessons with Erin and Jennifer

10 Years Ago, I: (age 15)
1. Was best friends with Shauna
2. Started with depression, but kept it well hidden for a few more years
4. Lived in Calgary and went to Forest Lawn High School
5. Took German and had a german exchange student names Toby live with us

5 Years Ago, I: (age 20)
1. Moved back with my parents because of my depression and panic disorder
2. Started to gain some extra weight
3. Started working at The Bay
4. Lived in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia
5. Had no friends

3 Years Ago, I: (age 22)
1. Met one of my good friends Mark
2. Met his girlfriend and another of my good friends Tiffany
3. Can’t remember what my hair color was
4. Started Effexor and had my last panic attack for quite a while
5. Can’t remember anthing else

2 Years Ago, I: (age 23)
1. Living at home
2. Lived in my own little world
3. Best friends with Matt
4. Had no boyfriend
5. Can’t think of anything else

1 Year Ago, I: (age 24)
1. Went out with Jeff during the summer
2. Worked at Convergys
3. Then Online Support
4. Spent all my time at work or sleeping or on the computer
5. Lost most of my friends

This Year, I: (age 25)
1. Lost my best friend (x2)
2. Got a dog
3. Got ride of the (same) dog
4. Went to group therapy for the first time
5. Got a 50 cent raise at work

Yesterday, I:
1. Slept all morning
2. Did nothing in particular on the computer
3. Went to the Peel Club with _juju_
4. Then to Timmy’s with _juju_
5. Then home to bed at 10:30 (I’m sick lol)

Today, I:
1. Went to work
2. Left work an hour after I got there!
3. Went to the clinic
4. Went to Mic Mac Mall to fill a prescription
5. Got an Cherry Artic Rush from Dairy Queen to sooth my extremely sore throat

5 people/persons that I like to be around, in no particular order:
1. Tara H
2. Brad
3. Bethany
4. Matt
5. Mark

5 TV Shows I Like:
1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Desprate Housewives
3. CSI
4. CSI: Miami
5. House

5 Places I’ve Lived:
1. Orleans, Ontario, Canada
2. Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
3. Baden Soellingen, BW, Germany
4. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
5. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada

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