A Story About A Girl

Finally… I accomplished something!

At least my weekend got off to a good start. I went out last night with a friend and her husband and a few of their friends to a party. I’ve met a lot of the people that where there so it wasn’t too bad. I really had a good time. Apparently I’m even more of a light-weight then I thought.

I don’t drink often. I’m still not feeling well from the cold I can’t seem to get rid of and the fact that I have had only about 8 hours of sleep the last 3 nights (not including last night). When I added alcohol to that I just crashed. It was ok for a little while. But as I drank more I just couldn’t stay awake and I passed out on the couch. At least I had fun.

It was a long week but it’s over. I’m so glad. I just want next week to come and move on and not look back at all. When I got home this morning we cleaned up the guesthouse and sorted through a bunch of stuff I brought home with me from the apartment I had. [...]  READ MORE