back to work

I don’t know why I stress over the little things! I started and did just fine today. Some people were actually glad to see me! Lol, I don’t know why I was worried at all. I just panic for no reason at all. It’s stupid really. But it’s just habit. I get all uptight, and stressed the night before something major (or even something not so major but just that might feel major). It’s just the way my mind works. I used to hypervenitalate.

But it was a pretty uneventful day. No really bad calls. Just the same old, same old. Which gets annoying after a while. At least they didn’t sit anyone new with me. Probably so I could get myself back on track I guess. I still have to tell Bethany about the panic attacks and the other stuff. Just putting it of. Never had one there. Maybe I never will… READ MORE

damn these long posts

I’m watching Footloose on Much More Music along with Ghost are the best movies ever made. What can I say I’m an 80’s child lol.

It’s a good distraction right now I guess. I feel really betrayed right now but maybe my mom is right. I know I shouldn’t have gone over last night but I was really uset and wanted answers. I’m tired of being treated like dirt by guys so I went over to see if he’d talk to me. I had no idea his sister and her little one where there. No one (not him, or them-assuming either of them knew)told me so I rang the bell and got upset when he wouldn’t answer I knew he was there so I said “I’m not leaving till you you talk to me and sat on the step. I rang the bell more times (I lost track of how many but I know it was too much) and I called his phone once. I know it was wrong, I do. And now I feel really really terrible about it. It was bad enough doing it but when there was a child involved even if I didn’t know, well I feel awful. I’ll never forgive myself for that. READ MORE

what to say?!

I can’t believe that they came back with a verdict so fast in the Michael Jackson case! I mean come on. I figured for one it would be guilty! But definitel figured it would take a lot longer then that!! Guilty or not the guy is sick! Anyway that’s all I got to say about that!

I had a fast day at work. Mondays are always fast and even though it wasn’t as busy as normal I found it still went by quick. Easier that way. Mondays suck there. Call your claims in another day and leave me the hell alone on Monday! READ MORE

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