Getting there

I saw my family doctor today and he said that while it is possible that I had a panic attack at work yesterday that it is unlikely that that is the underlying problem and that it is more likely the result of a major asthma attack and/or not being able to catch my breath or breathe properly.

He said that often during severe or life threatening asthma attacks, patients do not appear to be in distress, the chest may be so tight that no wheezing sings are present. He also said that the patient can appear pink and then can go cyanotic, which I did.

I remember last night that they kept asking me (both the EMT and a nurse) if it was normal for my face, chest and arms to be really pinkish red (my checks yes but not normally my neck, chest and top half of my arms). They started asking me about allergies. I also turned really blue at one point, my lips and my hands and feet (cyanosis) , while this was happening I started out with tingling in my hands and feet (which I had experienced throughout the morning before going to the hospital) that actually turned into almost complete loss of feeling. I could not squeeze the doctors or nurses hands when asked, not even when looking down at my hands and concentrating. I never mentioned that part to my doctor, I don’t know why but I did not think of it. Since Monday I have also been having coughing fits that leave me breathless and gasping for air. I was doing that in the office too. He said it sounds like it is possible that I may have whopping cough, which the doctor at the ER mentioned last night as well because I was doing it then too. [...]  READ MORE

Round two

I don’t know where to start but want to keep people update and am still hoping for some ideas, comments or suggestions on what I should do next if this keeps happening. I really am a bit lost. And I really need to get this figured out ASAP. Is there something important I am missing? Or that they are overlooking?

And sorry another super long post. And I promise I will visit some blogs tomorrow if I do not end up at the hospital again.

I left work by ambulance because of the same thing as Monday, only it was worse. I spent the morning alternating between coughing and struggling for air, it got worse about 30 min of taking my inhaler (Ventolin) and I got really itchy and my hands feet went numb again. I let a couple of coaches know and they called an ambulance. [...]  READ MORE

Last two weeks in a nutshell

Okay so I am only really going back to the weekend before last since anything before that and post dentist appointment (last post) is a bit of a blur… I went home to my parents for a visit before they took off last Friday for a trip to Ontario and through the US. Since my brother’s brother was visiting for a few weeks it also seemed like good timing as he lives in Moncton, New Brunswick which is 466 km/289.6 mi from Digby, Nova Scotia where my family is. He is 264 km/164 mi from Halifax, Nova Scotia where I live if you drive around and less then that if you take the Ferry to Saint John, New Brunswick. Anyways…

My brother is adopted if you are wondering and he has 5 siblings between his birth mother and birth father (he was the first born) and was adopted by my parents and I. Since I was 11 and had a say in the whole thing (which was cool), I fee I can add “I” in there. I will maybe do a longer blog post about that later since it will give me something to blog about later this week. But moving on.. Sorry my train of thought is a little awkward and all over the place right now. You’ll see why in a few more minutes.

So yeah my brother (who is 23) and his brother (who is 13) were both sick with colds that they had picked up at the cadet camp that my brother’s brother goes to and that my brother works at. That was the reason my brother’s brother was in Digby cause it is on the old Navy Base my parents live in. Needless to say by Sunday when I left for home I was feeling a little under the weather. I took the boys down to the first island down Digby Neck called Long Island. [...]  READ MORE

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